9 Mistakes, That Can Deprive the Efficiency of Your Call to Action and Eventually Cost You Money


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Call to Action

You’ve spent plenty of time and efforts designing and creating your blog (or any other website), you did a great job arranging traffic to it, you have a lot of readers, but don’t have any leads.

If you don’t have leads, you don’t have sales and you’ve just wasted your time and lost your money in vain, creating all this, unless, of course, you simply love to write.

And if someone leaves your blog without taking action, chances are you will lose them forever.

All things being equal, what makes a difference is a killer call to action.

Every marketer seems to know that but nevertheless, a lot of people make these beginners’ mistakes, that I want to tell you about.

Here are the 9  most common of them.

1. No Call to Action at All

So, you established your blog, placed good valuable content on it, provided opportunities for your readers to subscribe (opt-in forms or links leading to opt-in forms), arranged traffic, but nothing happened.

No leads!

It may seem funny, but maybe you just didn’t tell your readers what to do!

Yes, just like that!

2. You’re Not Specific

Don’t overestimate your readers, they’re too busy and overwhelmed by information to think about what you want them to do.

If you really want them to take a specific action, tell them exactly what to do.

If you want them to leave a comment, tell them about that.

If you want them to fill out the form, write “Fill Out This Form”.

If you want them to enter their name and address, write exactly that.

Don’t consider it as obvious that people should click every highlighted word in your text.

If you want to be sure, that they’ll click your link, include the words CLICK or CLICK HERE in the link, or make these words a link itself.

Yes, as simple as this!

Trust me, this advice was tested and proved.

3. Your Call to Action is Below the Fold

If you check the blogs (or sites) of successful marketers, you’ll see one or two of the main calls to action right in front of you.

You won’t have to scroll down to find them.

In our busy times not everyone will have enough patience to reach the bottom of your post (but, by the way, I would advise you to place an additional call to action there, as a reminder for those who will).

So, don’t waste this valuable space distracting your readers’ attention by different images or even banners, that will lead your possible prospects away from your site to someone else’s, even if that brings you some commissions unless that brings you their content information as well.

4. Your Call to Action is Hard to Notice

Even if you have a call to action, and it is in the right place, but no one can notice it, it’s all the same as if you don’t have a call to action at all.

Make it big and noticeable enough, so it would be impossible to miss it.

5. Too Many Calls to Action

Think, what is the main objective of your blog?

To get your prospects information to subsequently build a relationship, I guess.

Also, each of your posts may have its own objective.

Every objective will have its call to action.

Maybe you will make one or two more offers on the way.

But don’t overload your site with too many calls of action, that will confuse your readers, distract them, and eventually paralyze their will to act.

6. Lack of Confidence

Tell your readers what exactly they should do and why, and tell this with absolute confidence.

If you’re not confident and convincing, they won’t have sufficient reason to take action.

7. Hard to Understand

Don’t write exclusively for Harvard graduates or computer geeks.

Don’t overload your content with professional jargon.

Write in simple words, that everyone could understand you.

That will expand your audience.

8. No Explanation of What is in It for Them

Offering something FREE may not be enough for your readers to sign up because everyone wants to know “What is in it for me?”.

Motivate them.

Explain exactly how they can benefit from your offer, in case they take action, which of their problems your offer can solve.

Hence, make sure, that you know your audience and their problems, because if your offer is not interesting to your readers, everything else doesn’t matter.

9. No Urgency

Why do webinars work so well at prompting people to take action?

Because there is a limited number of seats.

People are extremely motivated when they’re afraid of missing something.

You can also create such an urgency by, for instance, offering something for a limited time only.

But don’t forget about integrity, having visited your site the day after an offer supposedly expired, your readers shouldn’t discover, that it still stands.

Hold your reputation dear.



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