Attraction Marketing and the Offline World.


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ATTRACTION MARKETINGAttraction Marketing as a concept gets more and more popular in the internet marketing world.

But can it be implemented in the offline world too?

And is it worth a try?

Let’s speculate about it.

Before Attraction Marketing…

How did we market before Attraction Marketing?

We started with presenting our “perfect product” or “the best in the world” business opportunity to the people regardless of their need for them.

But were our tries happily welcomed?

Probably not.

Even when we talked to our closest people.

Understanding at a gut level, that we would make money from the deal, they refused even if they needed what we were offering them.

And that is not surprising.

Because people don’t want to BE SOLD.

People don’t like being taken advantage of.

Offline World Attraction Marketing Examples.

Have you noticed, that there are a lot of examples of implementing principles of attraction marketing around us?

Let’s take a look at some real estate agents or financial advisers.

You can see their ads in almost every newspaper.

They offer free seminars. They publish articles and newsletters. They share their knowledge, provide people with the tips and advice and do all these for absolutely FREE.

And when the time comes, who do you think these people will call?


This is Attraction Marketing in action.


This simple formula can be used to sell a lot of different things.

Look at those people who teach others on the TV how to live healthier lives, how to lose weight or how to cure different health problems.

Another good example of using the principles of Attraction Marketing.

They attract a good bunch of people (actually, prospects and customers) providing value, providing solutions, demonstrating that they are knowledgeable about the subject, that they are Experts.

How to Talk to People Using the Principles of Attraction Marketing.

First of all, put your prospect first.

Forget for a minute about what you want.

Think about what they want.

Ask questions.

You’ll find out that all people want relatively the same: more free time, more freedom, more money…

Maybe they even realize, that all these can be reached by running a business, a home based business in particular.

But many people are uncertain in their ability to be successful in building such a business.

They need someone to take their hand and lead them step by step through the whole process.

They have PROBLEMS, and you can offer them a SOLUTION.

Providing a solution means providing a VALUE.

This is the essence of Attraction Marketing – leading with VALUE.

When you’re giving people what they want, you’re giving them value, you’re attracting them and establishing yourself as a trustable leader, as an EXPERT having a SOLUTION.

People don’t join business opportunities, they join other people.

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