Attraction Marketing – a “Lethal Weapon” of the Top Producers.


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Attraction Marketing – How It Started for Me.

Attraction MarketingHaving been introduced to the MLM business for the first time, I was told the same words as, probably, all of us: “Start with your family and friends” and “always be prospecting”.

There’s nothing wrong with these words, but at that moment, I was a newcomer to the Canada and my only acquaintances were people, that introduced me to this business, so my “warm market” was ZERO.

Not to mention, that a perspective of chasing complete strangers was simply appalling.

My business has come to an end, not even having started.

But later, surfing the Internet, I came across two e-books that introduced me to the concept of Attraction Marketing and changed everything for me. (CLICK HERE to learn more).

How Does the Concept of Attraction Marketing Work?

When YOU chase prospects trying to cram information about your opportunity or product down their throat, the whole campaign is doomed to failure from the very beginning.

Because you’re perceived as just an another annoying sales person they’re already sick of.

But if SOMEONE were chasing you, that would mean you are viewed as the knowledgeable expert, valuable solution provider.

Here the concept of Attraction Marketing comes into play.

You know, people, actually, don’t care about your business opportunity or your product.

The only thing people do care about is finding the solution to their problems.

And if looking for this SOLUTION, they find YOU, as a provider of this SOLUTION, they will be instantly interested in what else you have to offer.

Attraction Marketing begins by putting the other person first and always leading with value.

Try to determine what problems your prospects are struggling with, and teach them how to resolve these problems.

For instance, there are a lot of people out there who want to know, if they could be successful in building a business, as a SOLUTION to their financial PROBLEMS.

They’re desperately in need of someone to show them how to do that.

They need someone to follow.

Become that person!

People don’t join business opportunities, they join other people.

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Educational Marketing as a form of Attraction Marketing.

Education is the best way to implement principles of Attraction Marketing.

Instead of marketing products or business opportunities market information.

Teach your prospects regardless of whether they’ve already shown their interest in your offer or not.

The more they understand how things work, the more they’re aware of what and how you’re doing, the more they realize their need for your further guidance.

The more educated, more close to your attitude of mind, they become, the more strong possible future business partners you are acquiring.

The fact is that people usually join a particular company following the person who introduced it to them, if he (or she) was seen as a knowledgeable person, as a Leader.

Don’t Neglect Implementing Principles of Attraction Marketing.

The advantage of implementing principles of Attraction Marketing is often underrating, that’s why it works that well.

On the other hand, failing to give people a reason (by handing out valuable information) to follow you, you doom yourself to invisibility to your prospects among other reps of your company, who, by the way, are your competitors too.

Not to mention the swarm of network marketers of the other companies, fighting for the same prospect’s attention (and implementing the Attraction Marketing concept).

Remember, leading with your opportunity or product is an obsolete selling technique, that’s not giving big results.

On the contrary, Attraction Marketing is a modern marketing school approach, that is used by all of the TOP PRODUCERS of the industry.

Attraction Marketing is really a “Lethal Weapon” of the Top Producers.



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