An Autoresponder – an Essential Part of Your Marketing Machine


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A lot has already been said about the necessity of having your own list of leads for successful internet marketing.

Actually, all our marketing efforts are aimed to encourage our readers to leave their contact information in the “opt-in box” in return for something valuable for them, as their permission to keep in touch with them, that will let us establish relationships with them and eventually win their trust.

But sending emails or newsletters to all your subscribers manually would be a very hard and time-consuming process.

Certainly, you would like to automate it as much as possible.

And you can do it by using such an excellent internet tool as an autoresponder, that is nothing more than a piece of software that manages your subscribers’ list (or even lists) created from their contact information received through the “opt-in box”.

An Autoresponder as a List of Leads Builder

To start building your list of leads you should simply place an “opt-in box”, provided to you by an autoresponder, at the right place on your website.

When your prospects enter their contact information into this “opt-in box”, an autoresponder will automatically create a corresponding list, so you don’t have to add names and email addresses manually.

An Autoresponder Helping You Save Time

Okey, you have your list, now it’s time to start building relationships with your prospects.

You should start sending them valuable information, educating them, that will allow you to establish yourself as a trusted leader in their eyes, who is able to help them to achieve their goals.

Can you imagine yourself sending all these emails manually to all your prospects?

Here is where the autoresponder will come to your aid.

All you need to do is to write a series of emails and set up specific time intervals between them.

As soon as the autoresponder receives a new name and email address, it will start sending out these pre-written emails at your chosen time intervals.

Pretty simple and very convenient, isn’t it?

An autoresponder can work 24/7, 365 days a year without your direct involvement.

Just think how much time it will save you!

The time that you can better spend on money making activities like, say, new content creation or live prospecting.

An Autoresponder Helping You Make Money

Suppose you have stumbled across a product of a true value to your prospects and the company that offers this product has an affiliate program.

And you have the list of people who trust you, who respect you and value your opinion and your advice.

Why not make some money while helping those people?

You just have to send them this useful information.

You’re writing a couple of emails describing the product and the problem it solves and then the final email with the offer and the link with your affiliate URL.

Set up time intervals between emails and… that’s it, it’s done!

aweber bannerYour autoresponder will manage the rest.

You can also establish different campaigns of sending specific messages to specific groups of subscribers – an autoresponder allows you to do that.

As you can see an autoresponder is an essential part of your marketing machine, that saves you a lot of time and helps you build your list of leads, establish relationships with them and make money.

There are a few main autoresponders on the market, I personally use AWeber and had nothing to complain about so far.



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