Content Creation – 9 Ways to Make It Easy


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Image of a person busy with a Content CreationIf you choose to master a powerful marketing strategy like Blogging or Article Marketing, it’s time to think about Content Creation.

Content creation costs you nothing, but at the same time, every piece of content you produce is literally priceless because it stays online and is potentially able to supply you with new prospects long after you’ve created it.

But if you’re new to Content Marketing, you might be thinking: “Content creation is not my cup of tea, I’m not an expert, I don’t know what to write about”.

Okay, let’s try to resolve this issue.

9 Sources for Content Creation.

#1. Share your knowledge.

As a professional, you surely understand that the process of education never ends.

You’re studying new books, courses, mastering new marketing techniques…

Don’t be just a consumer, be a marketer – share new knowledge with your prospects.

Learn and teach, learn and teach…

Every interesting post or newsletter you read, every webinar you attended can be transformed into the new piece of content.

But don’t forget, this is a content CREATION, so don’t just copy and paste someone’s content, rewrite it in your own words to make it original.

#2. “How to…” Content.

Let’s say you attended a webinar on blog optimisation, or installed a new plugin, or resolved any technical problem connected to your blog.

Write about it.

Explain step by step how you’ve done that.

People need it.

#3. MLM Company Reviews.

Another good source for your content creation.

Go to

There, you’ll find lists of Top MLM Companies, Top MLM Performers, Top MLM Gainers and their profiles.

Also, visit

Pay attention to the left column, find the “New Companies”.

Your prospects would be glad to learn about them.

Also, check out

Read their reviews on companies of your choice.

(And don’t forget to write a review about your own MLM company and one more review about its product.)

#4. Internet Marketing Tools.

You’re surely implementing different internet marketing tools for keyword research, article marketing, getting backlinks, content syndication and so forth…

Write a review about each of them.

Now, there are a lot of general topics for your content creation purposes, such as Mindset, Personal Development, Prospecting, Success Principles, different marketing strategies and much more.

You can find tons of information on them.


Next 3 sources alone are able to turn you into a Content Creation Factory.

#5. MLSP (MyLeadSystemPro).

MLSP is not just the best marketing platform in the world, in my opinion, they also have an enormous library of recorded webinars on all aspects of network marketing.

And each week they host some more. (CLICK HERE to register for their closest webinar.)

This library is literally priceless for content creation purposes.


BetterNetworker is the #1 site on the Internet for home based business owners and entrepreneurs.

And when you become a member of the Association of BetterNetworkers, among other benefits you’re getting access to a huge library of exclusive content.

CLICK HERE and check it yourself.

#7. “What’s Working Now”.

This is the monthly newsletter by Magnetic Sponsoring, that provides “the latest online marketing and recruitment secrets for home business owners”.

Inside each issue, you’ll discover a content creation goldmine of action packed tutorials, exclusive training resources, and a private monthly webinar too!

CLICK HERE and get your $1 Trial.

#8. Interviews with the Leaders.

Another source for content creation.

You’re surely attending marketing events.

You meet leaders of the industry.

Do a couple of interviews with them.

People love this stuff.


Participate in network marketers’ forums to determine what problems other marketers are experiencing.

Then GOOGLE them!

You’ll possibly find the solution.

Write about that.

And don’t forget, being an expert in content creation, producing valuable content, means knowing just slightly more about the subject than your prospects.

Very simple.

And don’t think too much about your lack of credibility.

As long as you provide your prospects with the SOLUTIONS to their PROBLEMS, they won’t bother to scrutinize it.

I hope that content creation doesn’t seem to be very difficult to you anymore.



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