Don’t Follow These Content Marketing “Essentials” and You’ll Lose the Game


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It seems that everyone today knows that content marketing is the marketing approach that is worth doing.

But what is it exactly about, though?

To make things simple, I would say that content marketing is about communicating with your potential customers in a manner that, on the one hand, is pleasant to them and attracts their attention.

And, on the other hand, shows them that you’re the person it would be worth doing business with.

But how to combine these two factors?

It might be a little bit tricky, so I want to give you a list of “essentials” that will help you build the right framework for your content marketing.

1. Define the Cornerstone of Your Marketing

If you’re writing for marketing purposes and not just for fun, you definitely should write about what your target market is interested in.

If you’re brand-new you may start with what engages you – write some posts that outline your personal opinion about the topic, then adapt it to the interests of your readers.

If you feel that your site lacks focus, you can go back, check out your most popular content and create a series of well-focused posts.

They are a great place to implement your SEO skills, since, because of their popularity, they have a good chance to get links and social sharing.

2. Don’t Produce Content That Sucks

But how to determine whether your content is of a high quality and worth reading or not?

Actually, this is for your readers to decide.

The content is worth reading if people read it.

Such a content usually includes an appealing headline that instantly catches people’s attention.

It focuses on your readers’ problems and offers a solution to these problems, as well as being entertaining at the same time.

It engages and holds people’s attention.

Without any one of these traits, your content will hardly get traffic, links, shares and comments.

3. Widen Your Audience

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Your “cornerstone” content is created for helping you start building your faithful audience that can gradually turn into loyal customers, but now it’s time to widen this audience.

For this purpose, you should create content that is able to attract a much wider group of people with a much wider scope of interests.

To attract a new audience to your site you should now create content that is specially tailored to attract new readers for your content.

Focus on design of enticing headlines.

When writing an attractive content don’t lose the whole point of its creation – don’t seek attention for its own sake.

And, of course, make your content readable, useful and interesting.

4. Don’t Forget About MARKETING

You’re doing content marketing, therefore while creating content don’t forget about the marketing part.

Your content is supposed to support your business, so make sure that you have special pages, designed specifically for selling purposes and located away from your main content.

Because you want to sell, but don’t want to be perceived as a pushy salesperson.

These pages should offer your products and services to your readers in a way that makes them easy to buy.

Your main content should contain corresponding links to your selling pages, accompanied by a clear and simple call to action.

5. A Couple of Additional Remarks

Effective content marketing takes work, energy and time.

Therefore you naturally want to own the content you’re producing.

For this purpose, you need to buy a domain with the name of your choice ( and use a blogging platform you can control.

A good solution is WordPress because it’s free, flexible, reliable and very easy to use.

Also take into consideration that no matter how attractive and persuasive your content is, if you put it into an ugly, repelling design, your readers will run away and never come back.

Don’t be lazy, spend some time to find a right WordPress theme that offers you a nice, professional-looking design and is SEO friendly.


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