Do You Really Need to Create a Personal Blog?


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Create a Personal Blog

If you’re new to internet network marketing, you must be thinking whether you should create a personal blog or not.

Take a look around and you will notice that almost every successful internet network marketer has a blog, even if their favorite marketing strategy is, say, facebook marketing.

Actually, having a marketing blog is part of the success.

And you should definitely consider the necessity of creating a personal blog too if you don’t have one yet.

I want to give you 5 reasons why you need a marketing blog for achieving success in the network marketing business online.

1. Create a Personal Blog to Have an Excellent Platform for Implementing the Principles of Attraction Marketing

Nobody likes to be sold.

If you’re chasing your prospects, trying to pitch your product, service or business opportunity to them, they subconsciously raise their defensive barriers.

Because they perceive you as just an another annoying sales person trying to sell them something.

The only thing people do care about is finding the solution to their problems.

Provide your prospects with this solution and you’ll win their trust.

This is what the whole concept of attraction marketing is about.

If you create a personal blog, you will have a perfect place to provide your prospects with valuable information that they’re looking for.

Once having landed on one of your blog pages, they will find many others with even more information on different aspects of your subject.

People can also subscribe to your blog for updates.

2. Create a Personal Blog to Build Rapport with Your Prospects

People buy from those they know, like and trust, so your natural intention is to build a relationship with your prospects.

There is no better place for this purpose than a personal marketing blog.

Here people can learn from you, can get to know more about you, that will lead to establishing a solid relationship.

If the information you provide to your prospects is really valuable and can really solve their problems, you will gradually win their trust and will be seen as a valuable solution provider whose advice is worth to be paid attention to.

3. Create a Personal Blog to Start Branding Yourself

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Create a Personal Brand

You might already know that to be successful in the internet network marketing business you should brand yourself rather than your company.

Because people want to work with leaders, not with companies.

And if you position yourself as such a leader, people will certainly follow you.

Creating your personal marketing blog is the best way to do this because every blog post will not only provide your prospects with valuable information, it will also reflect your personality.

4. Create a Personal Blog to Start Building Your List

Creating a marketing blog allows you to build your own list of leads on complete autopilot 24/7 all year round.

You should just create a free valuable offer and an opt-in form for your prospects to subscribe for getting it.

Sometimes you can use for this purpose some other people’s information products too.

5. Create a Personal Blog to Establish Additional Income Streams

Apart from a lack of leads, the second problem internet network marketers face is a lack of cash for keeping their business afloat.

So why not recommend to your prospects marketing tools you’re using yourself for building your business, especially if companies, that offer them, have affiliate programs.

Even if these people don’t join your business opportunity, they will need these tools for building their own businesses anyway.

This is a win-win situation: they get what they need, you earn your commissions.

As you can see, having your own marketing blog is absolutely a must for successfully building the internet network marketing business, today.

Some may say, that it’s a serious technical challenge to create a personal blog, but I can assure you that it’s not that difficult as it seems.

You can find someone to do it for you (try oDesk), or you can do it by yourself as I did.

In the latter case, I can recommend you the Tribal Syndication Domination course (CLICK HERE).

You can read my review on it HERE.

Believe me, it’s very good stuff for those who choose to create a personal blog by themselves.


To Your Financial Independence!



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