6 Benefits of Using the Funded Proposal Concept.


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Image: Question Mark expressing desire to learn, whether you really need FUNDED PROPOSAL.Do You Really Need a Funded Proposal?

Don’t fool yourself – 97-98% of your leads won’t buy your product or join your business opportunity.

And if you’re going to concentrate all your efforts exclusively on building a downline, you’re at risk of leaving a huge pile of money on the table.

A powerful cash flow passing you by.

So, what can you do?

How to divert this cash flow towards your bank account?

Here the concept of FUNDED PROPOSAL comes into play.

What is the Essence of the FUNDED PROPOSAL Concept?

Actually, this is a concept of promoting inexpensive, but very valuable products for your prospects on the front end, and only on the back end offering them a major product – your business opportunity.

These retail products should definitely solve any of your prospects’ problems. Some kind of educational products or software, that would allow them to successfully run their marketing business.

People need this stuff, so why wouldn’t you be that person who will bring it to them?

But what is in using the Funded Proposal concept for you?

6 Benefits of Using the Funded Proposal Concept.

#1. Implementing the Funded Proposal concept, you’ll generate an immediate retail profit, that will let you cover your business expenses, such as using the products you promote, visiting your company’s events, buying educational and training materials for yourself and, of course, paid advertising, if you use it.

#2. Bringing a cash flow in from the very beginning, even a modest one, you’re not only covering your marketing expenses, but also setting your mindset in the right way, because getting immediate results is the most powerful motivational factor.

#3. Acquiring satisfied customers, you’re establishing trust and building a firm relationship with them that makes further dealing with them a lot easier.

Even if they don’t join your business opportunity, they will, probably, come back for more product they love, that means more money for you.

That’s simply a matter of credibility and trust.

#4. Using the Funded Proposal concept, you’re establishing an excellent pre-qualifying filter for your prospects, because if they’re not ready to spend $30-50 on their own education, they’re not serious.

On the other hand, having shown that they are willing to invest money in themselves, they have proven themselves as worth your time to pursue.

They are much more pre-qualified than those who just decided to take advantage of some free offer.

#5. Offering a good info product to your prospects, you educate them, you convince them that you possess “know-how” on the subject, that raises your value in their eyes and makes you the first person they would turn to for advice.

Your prospects become a lot closer to your attitude of mind, more confident in their ability to succeed, and the chances are you’re going to acquire perfect future business partners.

#6. The concept of offering an educational product, the Funded Proposal concept, is absolutely generic, not depending on what MLM company you are working with.

That allows you to get money even from those who won’t join you in your business.

Thus, a Funded Proposal is an essential part of your marketing strategy.

The process of retailing your info product may and should be absolutely automated and run 24/7 without your direct involvement.

You’re just putting your affiliate banners and links on your websites and in your autoresponders’ emails.

Once established, the Funded Proposal system gives you the possibility of making money on the whole way of prospecting, positions you as an Expert, (because you are giving out valuable useful information instead of a boring sales pitch), that in turn increases your conversions rate, and the whole process is running on complete autopilot.

Isn’t this the smart way of doing business, using the Funded Proposal concept?

Trust me, all the Big Successful Businesses are using it.

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