Funded Proposal – a Little “Dirty Secret” of Internet Marketing.

All the Big Successful Businesses in our industry are profitable from the very beginning because they’re using the Funded Proposal concept.

Do you want to generate prospects of an exclusive quality, that you can not buy from any lead company?

Do you want to make money on the whole way of prospecting?

Do you want to be the first person your prospects would turn to for advice?

The Funded Proposal Concept is your answer.


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Image questioning about Funded ProposalWhat do you need a Funded Proposal concept for?

If you treat your network marketing business like a BUSINESS, it certainly has its expenses.

As a serious professional, surely you’re using the products you promote.

You’re participating in your company’s events.

Plus, training and educational materials – the education process never ends.

All these cost you money.

And what about effective, but paid lead generation techniques?

Money is trickling through your fingers, the boat of your business starts sinking.

You feel frustrated and uncertain.

Especially, taking into consideration, that growing the MLM business to a level where decent money begins coming in, takes time.

By the way, believe it or not, but 97-98% of your leads won’t buy your product or join your business opportunity.


Is there any way to make them spend their money with you, though?

Fortunately, we have the Funded Proposal concept.

FUNDED PROPOSAL – a Way to Keep Your Business Afloat.

The Funded Proposal concept is nothing more than a concept of selling an inexpensive, but valuable product on the front end, that allows you to cover your current expenses.

Some kind of educational product solving any problem of your prospects.

People are starving for high-quality information but most of them are too lazy to take action, so why wouldn’t you provide them with this info stuff?

You can use so-called Affiliate products, or even create your own.

The concept of selling an educational product (a Funded Proposal concept) is absolutely generic, regardless of what MLM company you are working with, so it can match even those of your prospects who won’t join you.

Selling such a product to them through your Funded Proposal System allows you to bring an upfront cash flow in from the very beginning that is excessively important not only from the point of covering your marketing expenses but also from the point of setting your mindset in the right way.

Because nothing is more motivational than getting immediate results.

Besides, buying educational products, these people pre-qualify themselves, because they demonstrate, unlike those who just want to take advantage of some free offer, that they’re serious, that they’re ready to invest in their own education.

Educated prospects are much closer to your attitude of mind, are more confident in their ability to succeed, and the chances are that, thanks to using the concept of Funded Proposal, you’re going to acquire perfect future business partners.

On the other hand, if people love the product they bought from you, even if they don’t join you in your business, they will probably come back for more, and you will end up making more money from them.

It’s far easier to sell to your existing customers than to new ones.

That’s a matter of credibility and trust.

And of course, the whole process of retailing this product through your Funded Proposal System should be absolutely automated and run 24/7 on complete autopilot, without your direct involvement.

This is not complicated at all, you just put corresponding banners on your websites or insert links into articles and that’s it.

As you can see, a Funded Proposal is an essential part on your way to creating an Automated Marketing Machine.

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