Three Way Calling – How to Do It the Right Way


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Three Way Calling

In my last post, I wrote about the technical side of making a three way call.

As I said, three way calling is a very powerful and useful tool in your prospecting arsenal, that is used for third party validation and support from your upline or team leader.

To be successful in network marketing, you should master it as soon as possible.

Let’s talk how to do it the right way.

Suppose, you’re on the phone with your prospect.

The prospect has already reviewed the information about your business opportunity, that you referred them to and showed genuine interest.

You then say:

“PROSPECT’S FIRST NAME, hang on for a moment, okay?”

(Note, you’re not asking for permission to do a three way call.

And you don’t have to.

Because you’re in charge of the conversation.)

They will surely say: “Yes.”

Now you press the “Flash” button and dial your upline’s number.

This time, don’t flash back right away, use this opportunity to chat with your upline and enter them into the swing of things.

So, dial your upline and, when they answer, say:


Do you have a minute?

A prospect is waiting on the line, who’s just watched our business opportunity presentation, and he sounds to be very excited and interested.

He has never been involved in network marketing before.

Can you lead the call?”

If your upline says: “Yes”, say: “Great, I’ll introduce you to him in a second.”

Then, you press the “Flash” button once more and bring all three parties together.

Now, you should edify your upline.

You don’t have to talk much, but you should make your prospect feel a high level of respect to your upline and trust to what they are going to say.

Tell them a little bit about background of your upline, their position in your company’s hierarchy, their success and leadership, how good of a trainer they are and how nice it’s to work with them.

lips with a zipper

Zip Your Lips

After the edification you… simply zip your lips.

You don’t say a word.

Don’t even think about interrupting your upline by some kind of advice or to remind what to say.

You’ve just built the high level of respect for your upline from your prospect, so try not to ruin it.

Your upline is now perceived as an EXPERT and the EXPERT knows what, when and how to say.

You have to just listen.

This is a great time for you to learn.

Learn from watching the real field prospecting carried out by a MASTER.

Good luck!


To Your Financial Independence!



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