How to Improve Google Ranking


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How to improve Google ranking - Google's SEO TipsThis post’s going to answer one of the most vital questions for every internet marketer: “How to improve Google ranking?

Suppose, you’ve embraced the principles of attraction marketing, built your website or blog, full with content, providing value, and even arranged multiple income streams, using the funded proposal concept, but still don’t have any success.

Not quite surprising, because you’re not alone on the net.

What you need to achieve success is traffic.

If nobody sees your site, nobody knows about you, nobody knows, what you have to offer.

To get noticed by the market, you should get to the top 10 search results of the main search engines.

(Frankly speaking, according to statistics, it has to be within the first 3 results.)

Therefore all internet marketers always think how to improve Google ranking of their websites.

I want to give you 5 tips on this matter.

How to Improve Google Ranking – Tip 1.

For every blog post (or a web page) choose a specific niche of your market you’re addressing to.

The more narrow, more specific it will be, the better.

It’s very important to define, whom exactly you’re targeting.

How to Improve Google Ranking – Tip 2.

You should determine what keywords your prospects are using when searching for information related to the topic you’re going toHow to improve Google ranking - keyword research tool Market Samurai. write about.

It’s also very important to know what amount of traffic these specific keywords (or phrases) are bringing in, what is the competition for them and some more useful parameters.

In my opinion, Market Samurai is one of the best keyword research tools on the market today.

How to Improve Google Ranking – Tip 3.

Now, when you have your keyword phrase, you should create a piece of content around it.

First of all, it should be unique, don’t try to just copy and paste, even paragraphs of your own other content – you’ll be penalized by Google for duplicated content.

Don’t forget to include your keyword phrase in the title, URL and, of course, several times in the body of your article (or blog post).

But try to avoid keyword stuffing, this is not about “how to improve Google ranking“, this is about “how to get penalized by Google”.

There some more points you should take into consideration while optimizing your content for search engines (so-called On Page SEO), and what can really help you to achieve this goal is SEOPressor, a special SEO WordPress Plugin.

How to Improve Google Ranking – Tip 4.

After you post your content online, the next step in “how to improve Google ranking” is generating backlinks to your web page.

It’s a matter of fact, that all things being equal, a web page, that gets more backlinks, tends to be ranked higher by the search engines.

There are different methods of generating backlinks: linking from your other websites, submission of articles, containing corresponding links, use of different social bookmarking sites, participating in forums and “tribal syndication” communities like TribePro etc.

What you should definitely stay away from is the use of black hat optimization techniques.

Sooner or later search engines will catch you and penalize your website.

How to Improve Google Ranking – Tip 5.

Keep the design of your website SEO friendly.

Search engines should be able to “crawl” your site easily.

These complex flash animations and images make your site very attractive and good looking, but hard for the search engines to index its pages.

There are a lot of courses teaching how to improve Google ranking, but what you should realize, is that achieving this goal requires time, patience and commitment.



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