How to Profit From Those Who Said “NO” to Your Business Opportunity


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a bearDon’t be naive – most of your leads won’t buy your network marketing company’s products or services or join your business opportunity.

No matter how great they are and how enthusiastic you are about them.

Because some people might have already been working with another network marketing company that they are also enthusiastic about, some perhaps have not decided yet whether they want to run such kind of a business and so on and so forth…

The sooner you realize this reality, the better for you because there are ways to monetize these people too, in spite of their not joining you in your business venture.

You should just help them solve the marketing problems they have, and make money from them using the so-called Funded Proposal Concept, that will help you fund your own marketing efforts.

What Is the Funded Proposal Concept About?

The funded proposal concept is simply a concept of selling inexpensive generic educational products to your prospects, that can help them in their business.

You get it? Instead of trying to sell your business opportunity upfront, you’re offering your prospects a solution to their current marketing problems first.

The money you will get can cover your own advertising and marketing expenses.

Offer a Solution to the Problems Your Target Market Faces

In case of network marketing there are two main problems all network marketers face:

  1. Lack of leads;
  2. Lack of cash flow.

Offer affordable marketing tools or educational materials as a solution to these problems and you’ll be surprised at how many people are willing to buy them.

And you will make money from these people even if they don’t join your business team.

Besides, if they love the product they bought from you, they’ll probably want to buy something else you offer, that will bring you more money.

Also, when people are willing to invest in their own education, they show that they are serious and worth your attention.

Being educated, they become much closer to your mindset, become more confident in their ability succeed and who knows, maybe they’ll become your future business partners.

Thus, the use of the principles of the funded proposal concept allows you:

  • pre-qualify and educate your prospects;
  • make some money for your marketing purposes;
  • and brand yourself as a leader and a valuable solution provider.

My Lead System Pro as a Funded Proposal System

I’ve already written about My Lead System Pro (MLSP) – an excellent marketing and educational platform that I heavily use.

You can find my review HERE.

But it also can be considered as an example of a very effective funded proposal system as well.

MLSP not only educates and trains you but also offers at your disposal high-quality educational products, that you, as an affiliate of MLSP, can sell to your prospects, which creates an additional cash flow for your business.

Once more, the key to a successful use of the principles of the funded proposal concept is to market on the front end, not your business opportunity, but some generic educational products.

And if you have a system at your disposal that allows you to bring all the parts of the marketing puzzle together, as MLSP does, you can consider yourself on the way to success.



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