Methods of Generating Network Marketing Leads: Online vs Offline


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I love the network marketing business because this business model offers even ordinary people an opportunity to achieve tremendous success.

It allows you to build a source of residual income, moreover, a source of leveraged residual income, when you leverage your team members’ time and efforts.

The more people you have on your team, the more money you’re making.

That means, that what you desperately need for building your business is network marketing leads.

Without leads your business is dead.

But how to generate network marketing leads?

There are offline and online methods.

Let’s take a look at both of them.

The Offline Methods of Generating Network Marketing Leads

image for Respect the Old SchoolAs you probably know, in the offline world the way of generating network marketing leads starts with making your warm market list, the list of people that already know you: your family members, friends, neighbours, dentists and so on and so forth…

Then you’re supposed to get them acquainted with your business opportunity.

There is nothing wrong with this method if you do it right since you’ve gotten proper training.

But if you haven’t, it can become a very frustrating and ineffective way to build a network marketing business.

Besides, when you run out of your warm market list, the question arises what to do next.

You’ve surely heard about the 3-foot rule (or how Todd Falcone calls it: “60-yard rule”) when you’re trying to present your business opportunity to anyone within 3 feet of you (or within your sight).

There are many people who’re very successful in implementing this method and make good money.

If you’re an outgoing person that can easily start talking to complete strangers and get their attention, it’s great – you can use this method too.

Another way to generate network marketing leads, that I have frankly never tried, is to purchase them from lead generation companies.

I know people who use this method and achieved good results, but to me, it has to be hard work to go through the list of people who maybe don’t even remember that they left somewhere their content information and why they did that.

But who knows, maybe for you, it will work great.

The Online Methods of Generating Network Marketing Leads

The online ways of generating network marketing leads require more learning and training, but can be very effective.

Often they allow you to do the work once and then bring you results for many years.

The possibilities of generating network marketing leads online are literally endless because the internet gives you access to a huge group of prospects all over the world.

This, in turn, leads to the necessity to automate the marketing process as much as possible, because it’s absolutely impossible to contact to every prospect in person.

The online marketing methods can give you this automation simplifying your life, that offline methods can not.

The best way to generate network marketing leads online is to establish your own marketing website and direct interested people to it.

There are both paid and free methods of generating traffic online, but I would recommend you to start from the free ones, especially if you’re just at the beginning of your marketing journey.

How to Start Generating Network Marketing Leads Online?

Don’t try to use many methods simultaneously or jump from one to another.

Pick one strategy at a time, study, implement and try to master it.

Only after establishing a good source of steady flow of leads you may proceed to another strategy.

Trust me, that all successful internet marketers follow this blueprint.

sign "this way, that way"

Online vs Offline

Online vs Offline

Frankly, it doesn’t matter which marketing methods of generating network marketing leads you’ll choose – online or offline, it depends completely on your type of personality and kind of business you’re involved in.

Both offline and online methods can be discouraging, confusing and frustrating.

Some people can’t effectively implement offline methods, some can’t get principles of online marketing, which one you are only you can decide.

But both methods of generating network marketing leads work, it’s just a matter of determining which one is good for you and how to make them work.


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