How to Ruin Your Business in 7 Simple Steps


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Image for "Ruined Business"There are a lot of tutorials on how to succeed in the network marketing business and a lot of people who failed on this path.

Though they, apparently, have their recipe on how to fail, I think they deserve to have a tutorial too, that’s why I decided to write this fun blog post for them.

I think, that those who don’t intend to fail, can benefit from it too, because if you know, which way leads to failure, you can avoid it.

It is impossible to solve the problem without recognizing, that it exists.

TIP #1 Keep on absorbing knowledge

Do not rush to start putting your knowledge into practice!

There is always a new book, new course, new strategy or technique, that you’re not familiar with, yet.

Forget that without action a new product itself is not a Solution, but just a new piece of information in your baggage.

The word “new” definitely has something magic, we always hope, that “new” will bring us success, satisfaction and happiness!

Wait until you come across it, because it will bring you a lot of money.


But the most important thing, don’t start acting!!!

TIP #2 Procrastination

Even if you decided, that “enough is enough”, put off starting your marketing until the beginning of… you say it.

The New Year is the best.

But a new month or a new week are not a bad thing as well.

Procrastination is your friend!

TIP #3 Blame your very busy daily schedule

This is my favorite excuse.

Nobody built a network marketing business part time having SUCH a schedule (or even kids!) before you, so how can you?

If someone tells you, that with the money from this business you’d have more free time, say pointedly something like: “Yes, it’s easy for you to say…”, or “It’s not all about money…”.

Your opponent will be ashamed.

TIP #4 Look busy

If you somehow decided to start, you still have a chance to fail.

Try to look very, very busy, but don’t spend your time on money making activities.

Listen to a series of marketing webinars, read books, after all, check your emails every several minutes.

Everybody will sympathize with you, looking how much and hard you’re working, and won’t dare to ask you about results.

TIP #5 Blame your sponsor

Also a good tactic.

“How can I really succeed, if my sponsor didn’t call me back?”

Or “my sponsor told me, that the product will sell itself (actually, don’t understand what this means), but it doesn’t.”

Or “he (or she) promised, that the whole business is already built for me, and I have nothing to do at all, but this is not true!”

Perfect excuse – don’t know what to say , blame your sponsor – that always works in the eyes of others.

Well, now, if you’ve become a sponsor yourself, here are some tips on how to keep on ruining your business.

TIP #6 Overpromise

See all the mentioned above and assure your prospects, that building a business has never been that easy.

That the product sells itself.

That the whole business is already built for them, they have nothing to do at all, but $10,000 a month are guaranteed.

All this BS…

Many will be excited and follow you without a word, and you’ll get your acquisition bonuses.

Later these people will hate you, and you’ll achieve your goal – a complete failure.

TIP #7 Don’t support your team

To complete the destruction of your business, try to avoid connecting with your team members.

This may be a little bit complicated, because they will start calling you 24/7, so I would advise you not to give them your true phone number, give a false one.

If you succeed in that, I can assure you – your business will be as dead as a doornail.

Okay, do you think, I’m exaggerating things?

Look around and you will see a lot of people, that act like this and nevertheless expect to succeed.

Do not copy them and do not deal with them and you won’t be disappointed.

Network marketing is not an easy business, but it’s worth doing because this pays off in full.

You deserve your success…



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