SEO “Secret” Weapon


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SEO “Secret” Weapon

If you’re a blogger or a marketing site owner practicing SEO for getting traffic, you might have noticed, that from time to time your or your competitors’ site can suddenly disappear from the first page of Google (or any other search engine), while someone’s else site retains its position or even improves it.

So, maybe there is a secret to the ability to have a steady improvement of the position in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) in the post-Panda and Penguin marketing environment?


Certainly, there is, and this is your site’s quality.

Today, when the Google team declared a ruthless war on what they consider as tricks and sneaky tactics, it has become especially important.

But what does the “quality of the site” mean?

Is it a relevance of the content? Sure it is, but this is not enough.

Is it a quantity of the content? That would obviously help, but it’s not enough too.

Is it an SEO? It still matters but as an additional factor.

What is most important, your site should be created for your readers first but not only for search engines.

Actually, this was always the main goal of all search engines and year after year they’re getting better and better.

In my opinion, trying to fool them may be counterproductive in the long run.

So, what are the main factors that show search engines, that your site is of high quality?

First of all, it’s the time readers spend on your site.

And not only on the particular page they landed on the first time, but also whether they start browsing other pages of your site or just leave it after reading this page.

What can help you keep your readers stuck to your site?

First, a good, relevant to your readers’ expectations content, of course.

It doesn’t have to be perfect in terms of style and grammar, but it should certainly be what your readers want to read about.

It should be useful, it should be interesting, and then it will be shared a lot, that will let search engines know, that its quality is high.

Second, when you’ve caught your readers’ attention, to keep them stuck to your site use internal linking.

Every page of your site should be valuable to your readers and should also lead them to other pages containing useful information.

What should you link to?

If all your content is equally good and relevant, this actually doesn’t matter – to the pages that are relatively close to this particular one.

But don’t over-stuff your content with internal links, don’t forget, that you’re writing for your readers, so every link has to make sense.

Google now pays closer attention to what is the main topic of your site.

What you’re writing about most of the time.

Say, the main goal of my blog is to help frustrated network marketers, so I’m writing about lead generation, prospecting, proper mindset, branding, different marketing strategies and so forth.

I’m not writing about traveling or shopping because this is not my topic.

Write about what you’re going to rank for.

Serve your target audience, keep your content focused.

And be consistent…

Once again, you’re serving your readers, but not search engines.

Put your readers first, make your content worth reading, that’s what search engines want from you.

Avoid “over optimization”.

What does over optimization mean?

If, say, all of your inbound links are using your keyword as an anchor text, Google will consider this as participating in dodgy link exchanges and penalize your site.

This also applies to so-called keyword stuffing, using a keyword too many times in the text.

It would be better to substitute some of them by related keywords.

How to check if your content is over-stuffed by keywords?

Very simple: read it aloud – it should sound natural and make sense to a human reader.

You’re writing for humans, not for search engines, aren’t you?

Content written to be useful for real people tends to be shared, that is giving it social proof, it also tends to attract natural links from real sites.

All this is very valuable in the eyes of search engines and gives you a good chance for steady improvement of the position of your site in the SERPs.



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