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You may be an outstanding master in generating network marketing leads, but if you don’t talk to these leads, don’t show them your opportunity, don’t recruit them into your business, your check won’t be growing and all your efforts will be spent in vain.

Recruiting is an essential, or I would even say the main part of building your network marketing business and you’d better master it.

But many people don’t quite understand the subject and keep struggling.

In this post, I’ll try to outline some of the reasons.


People just don’t believe either in their company (its products or services, compensation plan, system) or in themselves, their ability to show their team members how to build network marketing business the right way.

To be successful in recruiting you should believe in both.

Let me tell you something, this is all about projection: if you’re not sure that people should sign up with you, they won’t, because you’re projecting your uncertainty on them.

And no tricks or scripts will help you.

You should genuinely believe that you CAN do it, that you deserve it.

That you can help people change their lives and that you deserve their trust.

Think not only about building YOUR OWN business but try to help others to achieve THEIR financial goals.

Believe that you’re able to do that and they will believe in you.

Over-belief That Everyone Will Surely Share Your Excitement

Having come across a business opportunity they become excited about, lots of people think about it as a no brainer and are sure that everybody will join them right on the spot.

But the reality is, that we all look at things through our own life and business experiences and these experiences are different.

By the way, this applies to everything not only to business.

Maybe your prospects had bad experiences with some MLM company in the past and they immediately project this bad experience on your business opportunity, no matter how good it is.

Therefore you should listen to what your prospects tell you about your business, what their objections are, and find an individual approach to each of them.

Addiction to the Outcome

You’re building a business and this is not a babysitting business.

People are different: there are people that are not fit for a business at all, there are whiners, there are negative people that are able to suck all the energy from you and ruin your whole business.

Don’t let them do it.

Don’t try to be nice to everyone.

a gold digger

Be Selective

Be selective and resolute, if you feel that your business may not be for this person, don’t hesitate to tell him (or her) about that.

If prospects are negative or are not able to keep their word – to show up at an appointment or return a phone call – you don’t need them.

You need only those who are eager to work and build their own INDEPENDENT business.

Don’t try to close everyone – don’t open a babysitting business.

There are more prospects waiting around the corner, who really need and want your help.

Do you think it isn’t nice to reject anyone?

Come on, you owe them nothing!

This is you who has that fabulous opportunity that is able to change their lives.

They need you more than you need them.

Trying to Pull Out a Winning Lottery Ticket

Some people start their recruiting process just in hopes of solving all their financial problems at one fell swoop – find and recruit a heavy hitter.

They think this is all they have to do, and then they will be able to take a rest reaping the fruits of their “efforts” to the end of the days.

This a big and dangerous delusion!

Heavy hitters are heavy hitters because they are master recruiters, know all the tricks and see right through you.

Why should they sign with you?

What is in it for them?

You first should bring something valuable to the table, show what you can do for them and their team.

And One Final Bonus Advice

Always remember, that you have only one chance to make the first impression.

How you behave, the way you act, how and what you say – all this creates in the minds of people, surrounding you, an image, that becomes their reality of who you are.

It occurs subconsciously, at the perception level.

And it takes time to change perception, especially a negative one.

Think about it!

It’s very powerful if you’re looking to attract people to you, instead of repelling them.


To Your Financial Independence!



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