Attraction Marketing – Change the Way You Think


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Attraction Marketing

More and more network marketers start realizing that a simple sales pitch doesn’t work effectively anymore in the modern marketing world.

And that they have to learn how to attract prospects to them first, rather than chase them.

That’s why the concept of Attraction Marketing is becoming more and more popular nowadays.

However, there are a lot of marketers that continue using obsolete methods and strategies in their businesses though it doesn’t bring desirable results anymore.

It happens because it can really be quite difficult and challenging to implement something new, especially if it requires to learn and accept a new approach.

It’s natural…

We all often resist change, because it requires to go out of our comfort zone and start doing something that we’re not used to doing.

Every change in actions starts with a change in thought.

If you want to succeed in the modern marketing environment, you should change your mindset and accept that the only way for you to succeed is to start learning and implementing the modern marketing concept.

people following the leader

Become a Leader

You should make a decision to stick to the principles of attraction marketing, share values with your prospects and become the leader people are willing to follow.

You should yourself start seeing yourself as a leader and act like one.

Feeling your confidence, people are going to see you as a leader too.

The process of establishing yourself as a leader is an ongoing process, you will always have to face new challenges.

But when overcoming the obstacles that stand in your way, you’re becoming an even stronger leader.

To deal with the challenges you face is a lot easier if you have a positive mindset.

This relates to implementing principles of attraction marketing as well.

But how to develop a proper mindset?

The best way is to follow someone’s example, an example of a person who did what you’re going to do and achieved huge results.

And what can be better than following the person who introduced the world of marketing to the attraction marketing concept some time ago.

I mean Mike Dillard and his revolutionary book “Magnetic Sponsoring”.

I remember how I stumbled upon his FREE 7-Day Video Training Course online, that showed how you can get a literally endless flow of leads “ready to join, with credit card in hand”.

Magnetic Sponsoring banner


The concept seemed to be very simple and, at the same time, very persuasive to me.

I bought this book and everything has changed for me since then.

My whole approach to marketing and running my marketing business has changed.

But learning means nothing without taking action.

You should start implementing these powerful principles right away.

As you can see, my marketing site – my blog – is built totally according to the principles of attraction marketing.

If you haven’t read Mike Dillard’s “Magnetic Sponsoring” yet, do it.

Because it will lay a solid foundation for your success in the marketing career.

Do what successful leaders do and you’ll achieve the success they’ve achieved.

Implement the principles of attraction marketing and start attracting people who are really interested in what you have to offer.

CHECK OUT these FREE videos and make up your own opinion.


To Your Financial Independence!



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All Modern Network and Internet Marketing is Based on the Principles of Attraction Marketing.
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Attraction Marketing and the Offline World.

Attraction Marketing and the Offline World.


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ATTRACTION MARKETINGAttraction Marketing as a concept gets more and more popular in the internet marketing world.

But can it be implemented in the offline world too?

And is it worth a try?

Let’s speculate about it.

Before Attraction Marketing…

How did we market before Attraction Marketing?

We started with presenting our “perfect product” or “the best in the world” business opportunity to the people regardless of their need for them.

But were our tries happily welcomed?

Probably not.

Even when we talked to our closest people.

Understanding at a gut level, that we would make money from the deal, they refused even if they needed what we were offering them.

And that is not surprising.

Because people don’t want to BE SOLD.

People don’t like being taken advantage of.

Offline World Attraction Marketing Examples.

Have you noticed, that there are a lot of examples of implementing principles of attraction marketing around us?

Let’s take a look at some real estate agents or financial advisers.

You can see their ads in almost every newspaper.

They offer free seminars. They publish articles and newsletters. They share their knowledge, provide people with the tips and advice and do all these for absolutely FREE.

And when the time comes, who do you think these people will call?


This is Attraction Marketing in action.


This simple formula can be used to sell a lot of different things.

Look at those people who teach others on the TV how to live healthier lives, how to lose weight or how to cure different health problems.

Another good example of using the principles of Attraction Marketing.

They attract a good bunch of people (actually, prospects and customers) providing value, providing solutions, demonstrating that they are knowledgeable about the subject, that they are Experts.

How to Talk to People Using the Principles of Attraction Marketing.

First of all, put your prospect first.

Forget for a minute about what you want.

Think about what they want.

Ask questions.

You’ll find out that all people want relatively the same: more free time, more freedom, more money…

Maybe they even realize, that all these can be reached by running a business, a home based business in particular.

But many people are uncertain in their ability to be successful in building such a business.

They need someone to take their hand and lead them step by step through the whole process.

They have PROBLEMS, and you can offer them a SOLUTION.

Providing a solution means providing a VALUE.

This is the essence of Attraction Marketing – leading with VALUE.

When you’re giving people what they want, you’re giving them value, you’re attracting them and establishing yourself as a trustable leader, as an EXPERT having a SOLUTION.

People don’t join business opportunities, they join other people.

CLICK HERE to get access to the FREE videos, that will show you the whole power of Attraction Marketing.

If you’re new to the network marketing, you, perhaps, don’t know where to start.

From my own experience, the best way to start is to plug into a proved, time-tested attraction marketing system, that will teach you both online and offline cutting edge marketing strategies and will brand you as a knowledgeable person, as a leader.

In my opinion, today MLSP (My Lead System Pro) is the best system of its kind.

If you want to get more details, CLICK HERE and read my review about it.

Give them a trial and decide yourself.

Plug into this system, join the MLSP community and start generating leads all over the marketplace using the principles of Attraction Marketing.



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My Lead System Pro (MLSP) Review

My Lead System Pro (MLSP) Review


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Banner My Lead System Pro - Attraction Marketing System


If you’ve tried to establish your MLM business for some period of time, you’re probably already tired of chasing your family and friends and stalking complete strangers.

And maybe you’ve already realized that the internet could be a good source of new prospects for you, if you’d known how to use it in the correct way.

If so, chances are, that you’ve already stumbled upon My Lead System Pro (MLSP) and would like to know what it’s all about.

This MLSP review is intended to help you to make your own opinion.

Quick Introduction to My Lead System Pro.

First of all, My Lead System Pro is not an MLM company.Image: I love My Lead System Pro

It’s an educational and marketing platform, created by successful internet marketers to help struggling colleagues to bring their businesses to the next level.

My Lead System Pro is based on the principles of Attraction Marketing, that means you’ll learn how to attract people instead of chasing them.

The system is absolutely generic, that allows to build a successful business with ANY network marketing company without knowing HTML coding, programming and other technical stuff.

My Lead System Pro is also implementing principles of Funded Proposal, that lets you get paid even by those who won’t join your business opportunity.

So What Will You Get by Joining the MLSP community?

Three main reasons why network marketers are struggling to build their businesses are:

  • lack of marketing training;
  • lack of leads;
  • lack of cash.

My Lead System Pro offers the solution to all of these problems:

  • Having become a member of MLSP, you’ll get immediate access to an enormous library of recorded video and audio training from 6-7 – figure earners of the industry.

This training alone is worth thousands of dollars.

Also, every week My Lead System Pro hosts webinars on the most cutting edge marketing tactics and techniques.

You may CLICK HERE and secure your spot for their closest webinar.

  • The goal of using the internet in marketing purposes is to get exposure in front of millions of potential prospects.

My Lead System Pro gives you everything you need to set up your own fully customized marketing campaigns.

And this is very SIMPLE to do, because you’re provided with step-by-step video tutorials for every aspect of internet marketing starting from getting a domain name, arranging web hosting and so on and so forth.

My Lead System Pro also provides you with customizable websites and capture pages branding YOU, and professionally written autoresponder messages, that will continue the follow up process with your list.

So, you can start marketing right on the spot!

And finish establishing your campaign IN ONE EVENING!

Even If You Don’t Understand What You’re Doing So Far, Just Do What They Tell You Step By Step Right Now And You’ll Get Results!

You will understand everything later or even during the process.

Trust me, many of today’s leaders of the MLSP comunity started this way.

I repeat, you don’t even have to write and set up your autorespoder series – My Lead System Pro has already done that for you!!

Even a cave man can start internet marketing on such conditions!!

  • You know, that 97-98% of your leads won’t buy your product or join your business opportunity.

My Lead System Pro helps you monetize even these people by offering them products that can help them in their marketing efforts.

In your back office you can easily set up over 20 affiliate sources of up-front income.

Just in the first 3 years of its existence, the company has paid back over $3,39 million dollars in affiliate commissions to it’s members.

And of course, you will become a member of a large community of dedicated network marketers, always willing to share their professional secrets with you and thus help you to succeed.

Taking into consideration everything mentioned above, I think that My Lead System Pro is definitely worth your attention.



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Want to See Your Business Skyrocket Through the Roof Starting Today?
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(Unless You Already Have Too Many Leads).


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Attraction Marketing – a “Lethal Weapon” of the Top Producers.


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Attraction Marketing – How It Started for Me.

Attraction MarketingHaving been introduced to the MLM business for the first time, I was told the same words as, probably, all of us: “Start with your family and friends” and “always be prospecting”.

There’s nothing wrong with these words, but at that moment, I was a newcomer to the Canada and my only acquaintances were people, that introduced me to this business, so my “warm market” was ZERO.

Not to mention, that a perspective of chasing complete strangers was simply appalling.

My business has come to an end, not even having started.

But later, surfing the Internet, I came across two e-books that introduced me to the concept of Attraction Marketing and changed everything for me. (CLICK HERE to learn more).

How Does the Concept of Attraction Marketing Work?

When YOU chase prospects trying to cram information about your opportunity or product down their throat, the whole campaign is doomed to failure from the very beginning.

Because you’re perceived as just an another annoying sales person they’re already sick of.

But if SOMEONE were chasing you, that would mean you are viewed as the knowledgeable expert, valuable solution provider.

Here the concept of Attraction Marketing comes into play.

You know, people, actually, don’t care about your business opportunity or your product.

The only thing people do care about is finding the solution to their problems.

And if looking for this SOLUTION, they find YOU, as a provider of this SOLUTION, they will be instantly interested in what else you have to offer.

Attraction Marketing begins by putting the other person first and always leading with value.

Try to determine what problems your prospects are struggling with, and teach them how to resolve these problems.

For instance, there are a lot of people out there who want to know, if they could be successful in building a business, as a SOLUTION to their financial PROBLEMS.

They’re desperately in need of someone to show them how to do that.

They need someone to follow.

Become that person!

People don’t join business opportunities, they join other people.

CLICK HERE to get FREE videos explaining how Attraction Marketing can help you become hunted by your prospects instead of being a hunter.

Educational Marketing as a form of Attraction Marketing.

Education is the best way to implement principles of Attraction Marketing.

Instead of marketing products or business opportunities market information.

Teach your prospects regardless of whether they’ve already shown their interest in your offer or not.

The more they understand how things work, the more they’re aware of what and how you’re doing, the more they realise their need for your further guidance.

The more educated, more close to your attitude of mind, they become, the more strong possible future business partners you are acquiring.

The fact is that people usually join a particular company following the person who introduced it to them, if he (or she) was seen as a knowledgeable person, as a Leader.

Don’t Neglect Implementing Principles of Attraction Marketing.

The advantage of implementing principles of Attraction Marketing is often underrating, that’s why it works that well.

On the other hand, failing to give people a reason (by handing out valuable information) to follow you, you doom yourself to invisibility to your prospects among other reps of your company, who, by the way, are your competitors too.

Not to mention the swarm of network marketers of the other companies, fighting for the same prospect’s attention (and implementing the Attraction Marketing concept).

Remember, leading with your opportunity or product is an obsolete selling technique, that’s not giving big results.

On the contrary, Attraction Marketing is a modern marketing school approach, that is used by all of the TOP PRODUCERS of the industry.

Attraction Marketing is really a “Lethal Weapon” of the Top Producers.



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Want to See Your Business Skyrocket Through the Roof Starting Today?
CLICK HERE to Watch This Powerful Video Right Now and Get Instant Access to the System.
(Unless You Already Have Too Many Leads).


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