The Best Leads for Your Business


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image of a best leads awardAll network marketers know that leads are the blood of our business.

But which leads are the best leads?

Obviously, those who are close to your attitude of mind and already want what you have to offer.

But what source can give you that kind of leads?

Or are they all the same?

Maybe the best leads are those that you can simply buy on the market?

Are Purchased Leads the Best Leads?

If you type the words “best leads” into a query box of any of the search engine, you will instantly get dozens of offers of leads for sale.

This is not a problem.

The problem is that these leads are not equal.

They vary from absolutely worthless to partly-qualified.

That depends on the way they were generated: were they really looking for a business opportunity or just filled out some form in hopes of winning something.

Also, that depends on the age of the lead: imagine, how many times this lead could be sold before you run across it.

And, of course, to find your truly best leads, you still need to sift through them, to talk to them with the intent of qualifying them.

So, maybe the Warm Market leads are the best leads?

The Best Leads – Warm Market

As you know, people like to deal with those they already know, like and trust.

Hence, your warm market – family members, friends, co-workers, Facebook friends etc.  – is really the best place to start your market efforts with.

Taking into consideration your pre-established relationship with them, you will definitely, at least, have their attention.

These leads are much better than the ones you can buy, but are they the best leads out there?

Will they be interested in buying your product or joining you in your business venture?

Who knows?

Yes, they know and trust YOU, but maybe aren’t familiar with your business abilities.

And maybe they are not inclined to run any kind of business at all.

So, again you have to qualify them yourself.

The Best Leads and an Automated Marketing Machine

On the other hand, if you set up and use an automated online marketing system, you’ll generate fresh leads of your own in real time.

Branding yourself first and using principles of Attraction Marketing, you’re building rapport with them, establishing trust and authority and thus, moving them from the “cold market” to your “warm market”.

Meanwhile, your marketing “machine” starts educating your leads providing them with very useful valuable information regarding an internet marketing in general and building an internet marketing business in particular.

Using funded proposal, it will sort and pre-qualify them, converting them into truly the best leads for your business.

As Ann Sieg wrote in her free ebook “The 7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing” (I highly recommend you to read it):

“A finely-tuned marketing system should… be like aimage of a book  The 7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing, that leads to getting the best leads machine used in a manufacturing plant: You put raw materials in one end, it spits out qualified results – prospects – on the other end.

Predictably and consistently, ‘round the clock.

Every day when you wake up you know it will produce new potential business partnerships for you to cultivate”.

Aren’t they the best leads to work with?

If you’re interested in setting up your own automated marketing machine, I would recommend you take a look at My Lead System Pro – the best proven marketing platform in the world. (CLICK HERE to read my MLSP review.)

It will teach and help you to generate the best leads for your network marketing business.



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