Are You Still Branding Your MLM Company?


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Logo for Be Your Own BrandWhat were we all told to do, when we first signed up for our MLM companies?

Write a list of our warm market: family members, friends and acquaintances, invite them to the presentations, organize home meetings, right?

Then try to prospect wherever you can and, maybe, even buy leads from lead generating companies.

Does this all work?

Yes, to some extent!

But what’s next?

Are you still trying to build your network marketing business using only your company’s replicated websites, that promote the company itself and its products or services?

Other reps from your company do the same.

And like it or not, but they are your competitors, aren’t they?

So what can set you apart from the crowd?

You’ll be surprised, but it’s you, your personality is your secret weapon, that can bring you success.

You’re the only one in the entire world, so take advantage of that.

Be your own brand, brand yourself first, not your company.

Brand yourself as a leader, as an expert, and this will immediately allow you to stand out from the crowd of the other reps from your company.

And don’t be afraid, this is not as difficult as you, probably, think.

I happened to write a post about why it’s so important to be your own brand and how to do that, you can find it HERE.

People join people, not business opportunities or companies.

This is a foundation of Attraction Marketing.

So stop promoting your company and its opportunity and start promoting YOURSELF as a leader and a SOLUTION provider, because all, that people do care about, is a SOLUTION to their PROBLEMS.

Determine the problems of the people from your niche, offer them a solution, and you will start attracting highly qualified prospects without any effort on your part.

In today’s uncertain world there a lot of people looking for a leader to follow, a leader, that will help them reach their goals, show them the right direction on their way to success.

Become that leader, show your prospects, that you really care about them, that you put their interests first, win their trust and respect by helping them get what they want.

People buy from the people they like and trust!

Build relationship with them first.

Teach your prospects effective marketing strategies, let them know what works for you best of all, regardless of whether they’ve already shown an interest in your opportunity or not, and this will pay off!

If you really want to build your network marketing business the smart way, using the principles of Attraction Marketing, I would recommend you to watch the FREE 7-Day Video Training Course by Mike Dillard and read the FREE e-book  The Attraction Marketer’s Manifesto by Ann Sieg.

I’m absolutely sure, that this is a must for every modern marketer.

So, be your own brand and enjoy the results.



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