The Chinese Bamboo Tree Lesson


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the image of bamboo trees

Chinese Bamboo Tree Lesson

Some time ago I’ve read a story about the “Chinese Bamboo Tree Lesson”, that I liked very much.

It went something like this…

Having decided to grow a bamboo tree, you choose proper soil, plant a seed, water it and start waiting.

People told you that it will take a while for it to sprout, so you are prepared to wait.

You keep watering it for an entire year but nothing happens.

Okay, you’re a diligent person, you continue to care for the soil, to water it and wait.

The second year comes to an end – nothing!

But you’re not going to give up. You heard a lot of success stories about people who managed to grow the same tree and you’re inspired by them, so you keep watering and keep waiting. One more entire year… to no avail.

Now you are in doubt.

Maybe you’re doing something wrong?

Maybe if you choose another tree, you will get results faster and they will be more impressive?

And after all, what do you need all this mess for?!

You’ve already almost lost your faith, but since so many efforts and so much time was spent you’re deciding to give it another year.

Yes, that’s it! If this time, you won’t succeed, that means it’s not for you. And you will come out of play. That won’t be your fault. You did your best.

Fifth year!

the image of a man watering bamboo sprouts

Chinese Bamboo Tree Lesson

You still keep watering and waiting, watering and waiting…

And at last…you notice something small and green – the tiny sprout.


After four years of waiting, you feel so excited as if you bore it yourself!

But now you wonder: if it took your bamboo four years to just appear, maybe it will take it four more years to grow to the height of some feet.

With these thoughts, you go home.

But when you come back in the morning you’re really shocked!

Now it’s two feet tall!


And since then your bamboo keeps on growing and growing, growing and growing…for about six weeks.

Then it stops growing having reached about 80 feet or more.

80 feet in 6 weeks!

It grew only six weeks, though.


Not quite.

It grew all this time.

But the first four years it grew invisibly, downwards.

It grew its roots.

And only when it’s root system became large enough and strong, it “exploded”.

So what is the point?

You, as a business owner, especially in network marketing business, have also to be consistent and persistent fostering your “bamboo tree”, your business.

If you know that you’re not the first on this way, and there are a lot of people who have already succeeded on it, then keep on “watering” and everything will be all right!



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