Content Marketing – 4 Steps to Success.


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Content MarketingWe all love FREE lead generation strategies and one of the most popular, apart from Social Media Marketing, is Content Marketing.

Actually, it’s my favorite one.

Content Marketing lies in a foundation of Blogging, Article Marketing, Email Marketing and so forth.

No wonder, they say: “Content Is King”.

Content Marketing Strategy Explained

Content Marketing means creating valuable content, having no sales pitch, mixed with periodic promotional messages, and sharing it with your prospects for FREE.

Certainly, this content should be related to what you promote.

Say, if your prospects are internet marketers, your content should help them in their marketing efforts.

When you create a piece of content and submit it online, it stays there forever and, potentially, is able to bring you traffic for years to come.

Having pieces of content online is like having pieces of rental real estate, bringing you a permanent cash flow of “residual income”.

Think of how powerful the Content Marketing strategy is!

How to Implement the Content Marketing Strategy

Your prospects are searching the Internet for the SOLUTION to their PROBLEMS.

So, put yourself in their shoes, try to understand exactly what these PROBLEMS are, and create content full of valuable information and tips, providing the SOLUTION they’re looking for.

Offer value without asking for anything in return.Content Marketing

Giving away valuable information, according to the principles of content marketing, you’re educating your prospects, establishing credibility and trust with them, positioning yourself as an Expert.

That, in turn, knocks down their sales resistance, because they see you as an adviser rather than an annoying salesperson.

Remember, everybody loves to buy, but hates to be sold.

Therefore, never even try to promote products or a business opportunity through your articles or blog posts.

This is the direct way to failure.

4 Steps to Success in Content Marketing.

#1 Determine who your target prospects are and what their problems are.

Don’t be lazy or stingy, if you use content marketing, buy books or courses on how to solve these problems and then write about that.

#2 Identify keywords people are typing into a query box while searching online information related to these particular problems.

Then do your keyword research.

Doesn’t make sense to use keywords that won’t bring you any traffic.

Your goal is to get the highest place possible in search engines’ ranking (actually, you want #1).

For your content marketing purposes, you can use the FREE Google AdWords Keyword Research Tool.

But as all FREE tools, it has its limitations.

So, I personally use – Market Samurai.

This advanced tool provides not only a keyword research module with many features but much more.

Their video tutorials are awesome.

Now they’re offering a FREE trial and you may CLICK HERE to grab your copy.

For the success in Content Marketing, it’s a must.

(By the way, if you want to know how to get ranked on page #1 of Google, CLICK HERE and get FREE instant access to the webinar on the subject.)

#3 Create your content around these keywords.

Try to make it as unique and valuable as possible – search engines love it.

They’ll bring you more traffic, more prospects, more buyers, more people ready to join your business opportunity.

Besides, if your content is really good and competitive, so-called “word of mouth” will spread, bringing you free leads and prospects.

#4 After publishing your content, you should consider the ways of syndicating it.

This will allow you to put your content all over the Web, get more exposure and create a lot of backlinks to your website, that are going to bring you more traffic.

There a lot of tools for this purpose, for instance, OnlyWire and TribePro.

And just a reminder, the essence of Content Marketing is in putting your prospects first instead on focusing on yourself.



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