How to Become Financially Independent


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Rat Race

In this post, I want to rant about financial independence, what it means and what you should do in order to achieve it.

How do you think the mentality of truly financially independent people differs from the mentality of those who take part in the so-called rat race?

In the first place, by their understanding of how money works.

They understand that those who’re trading their knowledge and working hours for money are in a big trouble.

Actually, they are in a trap.

And these people will never get out of this trap unless their whole mindset changes.

Because if they want to make more money (and who doesn’t?), they have only two options:

1. charge more per hour.

They can get a higher education, improve their professional skills to earn more money for every hour they work.

2. Work more hours.

But even if they’re willing to work hard and give up their personal life, there is one problem – there are only 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week.

Financial Independence

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Financial Independence

So, what does it mean to be financially independent?

I think it’s obvious – to not be dependent on anyone (your boss, your government…) or anything (stock market or real estate crisis…) to pay your bills.

And how much you earn per hour or even per day or week has nothing to do with your financial independence (don’t forget about taxes as well – they ”eat” a significant part of your earnings).

There are a lot of CEO’s and high paid lawyers who are not confident about their future.

Having a good pile of money in the bank account also doesn’t guarantee your financial independence, especially taking into consideration today’s interest rates.

So Where Is A Way Out of This Situation towards Real Financial Independence?

First of all, you should think about opening your own business.

This would immediately allow you to legally reduce your taxes.

And don’t be scared, having a business doesn’t necessarily mean having a factory with workers or anything else like this.

It just means having a file with some sheets of paper – an agreement between you and the state, that you have a business.

That’s it.

But this is not enough.

Because if you should work on your business all day long, this not a real business, this is just an another JOB.

Yes, you are your own employer and it’s better than to work for someone else, but it’s not the way to financial independence.

They say: “Do you think that you have a business? It is your business that has you!”

Your goal is to have a business that can run with your minimum personal involvement and can serve you as a source of RESIDUAL income.

Income, that is not dependent on the number of hours you work.

You make money even if you don’t work at all.

You may sleep, have fun with your family or friends, travel, do whatever you like and at the same time money will be flowing into your bank account.

RESIDUAL INCOME is the only way to financial independence.

But to make things better and more secure to become absolutely free of money worries, I would advise you to arrange multiple streams of income.

This is what I love internet network marketing for.

It allows ordinary people to create a source of residual income, moreover – leveraged residual income, and plus to add multiple streams of income from different affiliate programs.

That’s why network marketing and especially internet network marketing can be considered as a real way to financial independence for ordinary people in the modern world.


To Your Financial Independence!



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