Free Internet Marketing Strategies


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Free Internet Marketing Strategies

Free Internet Marketing Strategies

What is the main goal of your network marketing business?

Generating more leads, that will lead to more sales and sign-ups, right?

And using such a powerful tool as the internet can raise your business to a higher level.

The net is huge, no wonder it’s called the World Wide Web, it allows you to get exposure in front of millions of people in different countries on different continents.

You can get an endless flow of leads if you use the internet properly.

On the other hand, there are a lot of marketers online, both masters and rookies, therefore you have to learn and implement the most effective internet marketing strategies and techniques to stand out of the crowd and be found by potential customers and business partners.

There are many internet marketing strategies both paid and free, but you don’t have to be an expert in all of them.

Choose one, try it, find out, if it works for you, and master it, then choose the next one and repeat the process.

Many experienced internet marketers use paid advertisement, such as pay-per-click, because this method allows to reach highly targeted, highly motivated prospects.

But at the same time, this method is the most expensive, able to suck your bank account dry very quickly.

If you’re just a beginner on a strict budget, this method is definitely not for you.

Fortunately, there are a lot of free internet marketing strategies too.

Which one to use is absolutely up to you: choose, try, make a decision, master, repeat the process.

Here are 4 of the most commonly used free marketing strategies.

1. Blogging


Many internet marketers consider their blog as a HUB of all their marketing activities.

Because a blog allows you to not only present valuable information to your prospects, it also allows you to gradually build rapport with them, establish trust and confidence, that is absolutely necessary for our business in the long run.

In your posts, you can share not only business information with your prospects but also your interests or facts from your personal life, that lets them get to know you better.

Blog posts also tend to be indexed and ranked better and faster by the search engines than other types of content on the net.

All major blogging platforms allow you to include video in the posts, that make your posts more attractive and powerful.

If you want to know how to install a blog yourself, CLICK HERE to check my post on the subject.

2. Article Marketing

Article marketing is one of the most popular free marketing methods.

It allows you to spread your content widely on the net.

Unfortunately, after the latest updates of its search algorithm, Google puts less weight on many of the article directories, so you can’t expect a flow of leads as powerful as before, but article marketing still remains very effective, especially in link building.

When using in combination with blogging it may bring considerable results.

3. Social Media Marketing

With the rapid growth in popularity of social networks like Facebook and Twitter, social media marketing is becoming more and more popular as well.

It’s definitely a great way to get fast and huge exposure for your marketing business.

But you should use it skillfully and with caution in order to not be banned for good.

Remember, that social media sites were created for communicating, for socializing not for business connections, and they have their strict rules.

Do not break these rules, do not lead with your business, focus on building relationships by offering value to the community.

If you want to learn how to take full advantage of using social media marketing, I recommend you watch these two powerful webinars absolutely FREE: Facebook Marketing Gone Wild and Free Twitter Training.


4. Video Marketing

Video marketing is an especially powerful marketing strategy because the search engines absolutely love videos (not to mention, that Google owns YouTube) and rank them very high, providing you with the free, organic traffic.

People also love videos and prefer to watch and listen rather than read your content regardless of how valuable it is.

If you want to master this strategy and start attracting free leads, CLICK HERE to watch this 24 min. video and get your questions answered.



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