How to Install a Blog – a “Tribal Syndication Domination” Review.


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Do You Really Need to Know How to Install a Blog?

Many internet marketers say, that a blog is a “hub of all their marketing activities”.

And this is not surprising because a blog is an excellent source of free organic traffic.

It’s a dynamic, flexible interactive tool allowing you to get your content ranked fast by search engines and get immediate feedback from your readers in the form of comments.

But if you’re new to blogging, you might want to learn how to install a blog.

There are two ways of how to install a blog:

  1. to outsource this task;
  2. to do that yourself.

If you choose the first way, there are a lot of offers on the net, for instance on the website called oDesk.

But to have full control of your blog, you might be willing to learn how to install a blog by yourself.

Image for Tribal Syndication Domination - how to install a blogAnd today, I want to introduce you to an awesome course, Tribal Syndication Domination, created by two successful network marketers, members of our MLSP community, Jordan Schultz and Adam Chandler, that I personally used when was setting up this blog of mine.

This course is not just a How to Install a Blog Manual, it also presents some smart marketing techniques, related to the content marketing strategy.

A Tribal Syndication Concept.

As I said, Tribal Syndication Domination is not only teaching you how to install a blog, it comprehends the whole process starting with getting a domain name,all the way through to a keyword research and up to presenting your content to your prospects using a tribal syndication concept.

According to this concept groups of internet marketers make agreements to share each other’s posts, articles, videos etc across the web, through different social media networks, increasing a quantity of backlinks, page views and traffic to their sites.

The more content of your tribe members you share, the more exposure you get for your own content.

The Tribal Syndication Domination course (my version, at any rate) consists of 7 Modules plus one Bonus Module.

How to Install a Blog.

MODULE 1 is actually a step-by-step How to Install a Blog Manual.

You’ll be guided through the whole process of setting up your fully customized blog.

MODULE 2 is, actually, an addition to the How to Install a Blog Manual, because it teaches you how to install a bunch of very useful plug-ins to your blog.

MODULE 3 is a Content Creation Research Module.

Here you’ll learn about various types of content, that can attract your prospects.

Also, Adam and Jordan will share with you their ideas, that will allow you to get rid of  “writer’s block” for good.

MODULE 4 – Keyword Research.

To have your content seen by your prospects, you should get it on the first pages of the major search engines.

In this module, you’ll learn how to do keyword research using a free Google’s keyword research tool.

MODULE 5 – Content Creation.

Here you’ll learn about the principles of content creation and will be shown real life examples of it.

Also, as a part of the How to Install a Blog Manual, you’ll learn how to publish a blog post using SEOPressor and how to embed a YouTube video into your blog post.

MODULE 6 gives you a step-by-step blueprint for implementing TribePro, a content syndication tool, that uses a tribal syndication concept.

MODULE7 shows how to convert traffic to leads and signups using advanced social media techniques and principles of email marketing and how to increase your conversions rate with the same amount of traffic.

In the Bonus Module, the guys will share what they call “The Ultimate Facebook Recruiting Strategy”, their affiliate secrets and an interesting strategy, that they call “Creating Mini-webs”.

As you can see, Tribal Syndication Domination is a unique course, that shows you exactly how to install a blog and gives you much more additional knowledge.

You can CLICK HERE and get it for only $197.

And how to install a blog won’t be a question for you anymore.



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