Do You Really Need to Create a Personal Blog?


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Create a Personal Blog

If you’re new to internet network marketing, you must be thinking whether you should create a personal blog or not.

Take a look around and you will notice that almost every successful internet network marketer has a blog, even if their favorite marketing strategy is, say, facebook marketing.

Actually, having a marketing blog is part of the success.

And you should definitely consider the necessity of creating a personal blog too if you don’t have one yet.

I want to give you 5 reasons why you need a marketing blog for achieving success in the network marketing business online.

1. Create a Personal Blog to Have an Excellent Platform for Implementing the Principles of Attraction Marketing

Nobody likes to be sold.

If you’re chasing your prospects, trying to pitch your product, service or business opportunity to them, they subconsciously raise their defensive barriers.

Because they perceive you as just an another annoying sales person trying to sell them something.

The only thing people do care about is finding the solution to their problems.

Provide your prospects with this solution and you’ll win their trust.

This is what the whole concept of attraction marketing is about.

If you create a personal blog, you will have a perfect place to provide your prospects with valuable information that they’re looking for.

Once having landed on one of your blog pages, they will find many others with even more information on different aspects of your subject.

People can also subscribe to your blog for updates.

2. Create a Personal Blog to Build Rapport with Your Prospects

People buy from those they know, like and trust, so your natural intention is to build a relationship with your prospects.

There is no better place for this purpose than a personal marketing blog.

Here people can learn from you, can get to know more about you, that will lead to establishing a solid relationship.

If the information you provide to your prospects is really valuable and can really solve their problems, you will gradually win their trust and will be seen as a valuable solution provider whose advice is worth to be paid attention to.

3. Create a Personal Blog to Start Branding Yourself

constructing the word brand

Create a Personal Brand

You might already know that to be successful in the internet network marketing business you should brand yourself rather than your company.

Because people want to work with leaders, not with companies.

And if you position yourself as such a leader, people will certainly follow you.

Creating your personal marketing blog is the best way to do this because every blog post will not only provide your prospects with valuable information, it will also reflect your personality.

4. Create a Personal Blog to Start Building Your List

Creating a marketing blog allows you to build your own list of leads on complete autopilot 24/7 all year round.

You should just create a free valuable offer and an opt-in form for your prospects to subscribe for getting it.

Sometimes you can use for this purpose some other people’s information products too.

5. Create a Personal Blog to Establish Additional Income Streams

Apart from a lack of leads, the second problem internet network marketers face is a lack of cash for keeping their business afloat.

So why not recommend to your prospects marketing tools you’re using yourself for building your business, especially if companies, that offer them, have affiliate programs.

Even if these people don’t join your business opportunity, they will need these tools for building their own businesses anyway.

This is a win-win situation: they get what they need, you earn your commissions.

As you can see, having your own marketing blog is absolutely a must for successfully building the internet network marketing business, today.

Some may say, that it’s a serious technical challenge to create a personal blog, but I can assure you that it’s not that difficult as it seems.

You can find someone to do it for you (try oDesk), or you can do it by yourself as I did.

In the latter case, I can recommend you the Tribal Syndication Domination course (CLICK HERE).

You can read my review on it HERE.

Believe me, it’s very good stuff for those who choose to create a personal blog by themselves.


To Your Financial Independence!



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Harness the Power of the Internet and Start Making Money Online Right Now


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Power of the Internet

Power of the Internet

Many people can’t even imagine today what the world  was like before the invention of the internet.

Our life has changed dramatically!

You can now connect with millions of people all over the world with just a click of a mouse.

This has changed not only the way people communicate today, this has also opened new possibilities for entrepreneurs that didn’t even exist just yesterday.

And network marketing has changed as well in comparison with what it was  like some years ago.

Old school methods such as cold-calling and stalking complete strangers in the coffee shops are becoming irrelevant.

More and more network marketers start building their businesses online.

Internet marketing seems to be the fastest growing business sector now.

And I guess, that there has never been a better time to start a home based internet business than today.

But of course, having an internet connection and a computer doesn’t guarantee you success.

Because the internet marketing world has already become very competitive and you should constantly learn how to market the right way and what new strategies are, if you don’t want to lose this game.

The rules of marketing have changed with the advent of the internet, but not everyone understands that.

That’s why so many marketers fail trying to make money online.

sea of informationMany of them get overwhelmed by the huge flow of new information, jump from one marketing strategy to another, from one “shiny object” to another not being able to decide where to stop.

Those who are serious about building their businesses and making money online should understand that to succeed in today’s marketing world you should find the right internet marketing system, that would teach you and help you start.

Do your due diligence and find the system, that:

  • teaches all the aspects of internet marketing, starting from the very basics and up to advanced internet marketing strategies;
  • offers comprehensive marketing training;
  • provides generic marketing tools, that you can use no matter what products or services you’re marketing;
  • provides marketing solutions for all levels of a budget;
  • conducts educational webinars on cutting-edge internet marketing techniques on the regular basis;
  • has a good support team to help with the possible technical issues;
  • offers programs of personal mentoring by the top producers;
  • hosts live internet marketing events.

Find the right internet marketing system, and it will keep you from making many mistakes and save you a lot of time and money.

If you want to get out of the rat race and take your fate into your own hands you should definitely harness the power of the internet and start creating your future on the fast track.

To learn more about making money online and getting access to the system I personally heavily use CLICK HERE and check this video RIGHT NOW!


To Your Financial Independence!



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All Modern Network and Internet Marketing is Based on the Principles of Attraction Marketing.
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An Autoresponder – an Essential Part of Your Marketing Machine


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A lot has already been said about the necessity of having your own list of leads for successful internet marketing.

Actually, all our marketing efforts are aimed to encourage our readers to leave their contact information in the “opt-in box” in return for something valuable for them, as their permission to keep in touch with them, that will let us establish relationships with them and eventually win their trust.

But sending emails or newsletters to all your subscribers manually would be a very hard and time-consuming process.

Certainly, you would like to automate it as much as possible.

And you can do it by using such an excellent internet tool as an autoresponder, that is nothing more than a piece of software that manages your subscribers’ list (or even lists) created from their contact information received through the “opt-in box”.

An Autoresponder as a List of Leads Builder

To start building your list of leads you should simply place an “opt-in box”, provided to you by an autoresponder, at the right place on your website.

When your prospects enter their contact information into this “opt-in box”, an autoresponder will automatically create a corresponding list, so you don’t have to add names and email addresses manually.

An Autoresponder Helping You Save Time

Okey, you have your list, now it’s time to start building relationships with your prospects.

You should start sending them valuable information, educating them, that will allow you to establish yourself as a trusted leader in their eyes, who is able to help them to achieve their goals.

Can you imagine yourself sending all these emails manually to all your prospects?

Here is where the autoresponder will come to your aid.

All you need to do is to write a series of emails and set up specific time intervals between them.

As soon as the autoresponder receives a new name and email address, it will start sending out these pre-written emails at your chosen time intervals.

Pretty simple and very convenient, isn’t it?

An autoresponder can work 24/7, 365 days a year without your direct involvement.

Just think how much time it will save you!

The time that you can better spend on money making activities like, say, new content creation or live prospecting.

An Autoresponder Helping You Make Money

Suppose you have stumbled across a product of a true value to your prospects and the company that offers this product has an affiliate program.

And you have the list of people who trust you, who respect you and value your opinion and your advice.

Why not make some money while helping those people?

You just have to send them this useful information.

You’re writing a couple of emails describing the product and the problem it solves and then the final email with the offer and the link with your affiliate URL.

Set up time intervals between emails and… that’s it, it’s done!

aweber bannerYour autoresponder will manage the rest.

You can also establish different campaigns of sending specific messages to specific groups of subscribers – an autoresponder allows you to do that.

As you can see an autoresponder is an essential part of your marketing machine, that saves you a lot of time and helps you build your list of leads, establish relationships with them and make money.

There are a few main autoresponders on the market, I personally use AWeber and had nothing to complain about so far.



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9 Mistakes, That Can Deprive the Efficiency of Your Call to Action and Eventually Cost You Money


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Call to Action

You’ve spent plenty of time and efforts designing and creating your blog (or any other website), you did a great job arranging traffic to it, you have a lot of readers, but don’t have any leads.

If you don’t have leads, you don’t have sales and you’ve just wasted your time and lost your money in vain, creating all this, unless, of course, you simply love to write.

And if someone leaves your blog without taking action, chances are you will lose them forever.

All things being equal, what makes a difference is a killer call to action.

Every marketer seems to know that but nevertheless, a lot of people make these beginners’ mistakes, that I want to tell you about.

Here are the 9  most common of them.

1. No Call to Action at All

So, you established your blog, placed good valuable content on it, provided opportunities for your readers to subscribe (opt-in forms or links leading to opt-in forms), arranged traffic, but nothing happened.

No leads!

It may seem funny, but maybe you just didn’t tell your readers what to do!

Yes, just like that!

2. You’re Not Specific

Don’t overestimate your readers, they’re too busy and overwhelmed by information to think about what you want them to do.

If you really want them to take a specific action, tell them exactly what to do.

If you want them to leave a comment, tell them about that.

If you want them to fill out the form, write “Fill Out This Form”.

If you want them to enter their name and address, write exactly that.

Don’t consider it as obvious that people should click every highlighted word in your text.

If you want to be sure, that they’ll click your link, include the words CLICK or CLICK HERE in the link, or make these words a link itself.

Yes, as simple as this!

Trust me, this advice was tested and proved.

3. Your Call to Action is Below the Fold

If you check the blogs (or sites) of successful marketers, you’ll see one or two of the main calls to action right in front of you.

You won’t have to scroll down to find them.

In our busy times not everyone will have enough patience to reach the bottom of your post (but, by the way, I would advise you to place an additional call to action there, as a reminder for those who will).

So, don’t waste this valuable space distracting your readers’ attention by different images or even banners, that will lead your possible prospects away from your site to someone else’s, even if that brings you some commissions unless that brings you their content information as well.

4. Your Call to Action is Hard to Notice

Even if you have a call to action, and it is in the right place, but no one can notice it, it’s all the same as if you don’t have a call to action at all.

Make it big and noticeable enough, so it would be impossible to miss it.

5. Too Many Calls to Action

Think, what is the main objective of your blog?

To get your prospects information to subsequently build a relationship, I guess.

Also, each of your posts may have its own objective.

Every objective will have its call to action.

Maybe you will make one or two more offers on the way.

But don’t overload your site with too many calls of action, that will confuse your readers, distract them, and eventually paralyze their will to act.

6. Lack of Confidence

Tell your readers what exactly they should do and why, and tell this with absolute confidence.

If you’re not confident and convincing, they won’t have sufficient reason to take action.

7. Hard to Understand

Don’t write exclusively for Harvard graduates or computer geeks.

Don’t overload your content with professional jargon.

Write in simple words, that everyone could understand you.

That will expand your audience.

8. No Explanation of What is in It for Them

Offering something FREE may not be enough for your readers to sign up because everyone wants to know “What is in it for me?”.

Motivate them.

Explain exactly how they can benefit from your offer, in case they take action, which of their problems your offer can solve.

Hence, make sure, that you know your audience and their problems, because if your offer is not interesting to your readers, everything else doesn’t matter.

9. No Urgency

Why do webinars work so well at prompting people to take action?

Because there is a limited number of seats.

People are extremely motivated when they’re afraid of missing something.

You can also create such an urgency by, for instance, offering something for a limited time only.

But don’t forget about integrity, having visited your site the day after an offer supposedly expired, your readers shouldn’t discover, that it still stands.

Hold your reputation dear.



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The Best Landing Page – Some Crucial Tips to Hit the Target


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Plane landing on the Best Landing PageToday I want to share with you some tips on creating the best landing page for your business.

As you know, to be a successful internet marketer, you should create your own list of leads.

And this whole process starts with creating a landing page (a.k.a. a squeeze page or a lead capture page).

The best landing page is a webpage, that contains just an opt-in form and an enticing call to action. Period.

Its ONLY goal is to get your prospect’s contact information.

Not more.

No mention of your company, product or opportunity!

What Should Your Best Landing Page Consist of?

There are four main parts, that make up the best landing page:

  1. Headline;
  2. Call to action;
  3. Capture (or Opt-in) form;
  4. Privacy policy.


The main goal of the Headline of your best landing page is to catch your prospect’s attention.

Remember, that in our crazy, always rushing somewhere world you have only 3-5 seconds for that.

So, the first words of your Headline must be really “catchy”.

When writing the Headline of your best landing page always keep in mind, that you should answer the following questions:

  • WHO are your prospects?Sign "Best Landing Page Tips"

Try to narrow your answer, be as specific and precise as possible.

  • What is their main PROBLEM (main “PAIN”)?

Choose the biggest one.

This is the “wound” in which you will “rub some salt”.

  • What SOLUTION can you offer to relieve this “PAIN”?

Choose just one simple answer.

There are eight main motivators that drive people:

  1. make money;
  2. save money;
  3. save time;
  4. save effort;
  5. improve health;
  6. eliminate pain;
  7. increase pleasure;
  8. impress others.

Try to determine, which of them is the most essential for your prospects.

When writing the Headline for your best landing page don’t forget, that you should offer your prospects something valuable for them for FREE in return for their contact information.

Here are some Headline templates just for example:

1. FREE (Report, Video, Newsletter…) Reveals How to (Easily, Quickly, Naturally…) (Get Rid of, Achieve, Eliminate…) Without ___.

2. FREE ___ Shows How a ___ Year Old ___ Went From ___ to ___ in ___, Without ___.

3. FREE ___ Reveals My #1 Secret to ___.

Call to action

The Call to action of your best landing page should explain to your prospects, what exactly they have to do to receive the SOLUTION to their PROBLEM, that you’ve just promised them.

Needless to say, that you should keep your word, and all your prospects must get everything.

By the way, if you’re using such an enticement as: Limited Time Offer…, Only ___ left… or Only Until Midnight… that also ought to be true.

An example of a Call to action for your best landing page may be:

.             “Claim Your FREE ___ Now!

.             Simply Enter Your Name and Email Address in

.     n       the Boxes Below to Receive This Powerful ___.”

Capture Form

The suitable Capture form for your best  landing page can be chosen from the templates, that are provided by autoresponder services.

There some reliable autoresponders on the market, I personally use AWeber.

Privacy Policy

In the Privacy policy of your best landing page, you should assure your prospects that their personal information won’t be headed over to any third party under any circumstances.

This will help you establish trust and confidence in your future relationships with them.

One additional comment: including a VIDEO in the landing page can really make it the best landing page for you because this can dramatically increase its conversion rate.

This video shouldn’t be long, just about one minute.

Include a short introduction of yourself, a proposition of value, an explanation of how what you’re offering can solve a particular problem and a Call to action.

That’s it, your Best Landing Page is ready.



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How an Online MLM System Can Free Your Time.

How an Online MLM System Can Free Your Time.


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online mlm systemI often hear that the MLM business is a scam, and to achieve success in this kind of business is almost impossible.

It’s true, that about 97% of people, who start their career in the MLM business, fail.

But why do they fail, and could using an online mlm system help them to succeed?

Let’s take a closer look.

Unrealistic Expectations.

People fail in the network marketing business for various reasons.

Some time ago I wrote a post, in which I examined one such a reason, that is connected with poor mindset.

Just in a nutshell…

Some people, starting their network marketing career, expect to become rich very quickly, in a couple of months.

The thought, that this is a serious business, not to mention the thought of using some kind of mlm system, doesn’t even occur to them.

Naturally, their dream doesn’t come true, and they quit.

Others, being in, so called, TRY mode, just want to TRY, whether this business works or not, and establish for fulfilling  this task, a pretty narrow time frame.

They also fail and quit.

Unrealistic expectations – this is the main reason for their failure.

But why do those, who are sincerely set for success, also often fail?

Lack of Time.

People usually start their network marketing business on a part time basis.

Soon they realize, that they simply don’t have enough time to attend all these presentations and home meetings, make a lot of “cold” phone calls and so forth…

And they quit.

Shortage of a “Warm Market”.

Some people just don’t have enough acquaintances to present their opportunity to.

It’s hard to build a network marketing business not having a network!

Some had such a network but suddenly found themselves in the NFL (No Friends Left) league.

Because, their upline didn’t teach them how properly approach their “warm market”, not pursuing and bugging them.

Hence, we move to the next reason of failure in the network marketing business

Bad Support from Upline.

Network marketing is a team game, where every person needs help from the more experienced members, preferably, in the form of an mlm system.

Besides, your success in this business depends on the success of your own team members.

Maybe you’re a talented person, but  it’s hard for others to duplicate your talent.

But if you can offer them an mlm system, you all will be all right!

And in today’s world of the internet, it’s natural to suppose, that an online mlm system would be most useful.

Online MLM system.

online mlm systemUsing such a system gives you an enormous advantage over your competitors.

And here’s why.

Implementing modern lead generation techniques, the online mlm system makes the limitation of your “warm market” issue irrelevant.

Because, thanks to the internet, you’re getting exposure in front of millions of people all over the world.

All you need to do is to establish rapport with them, to win their trust, positioning yourself as an expert.

And again, an online mlm system can help you, taking an essential part of routine work on itself.

There are tools on the internet, such as autoresponders, for instance, that allow to automate the process.

A finely tuned online mlm system is able to generate leads, pre-qualify and educate them, brand you as an expert and does this on complete autopilot.

Be sure, that every top producer of our industry uses an online mlm system.

I, personally, believe, that today the best online mlm system on the market is MLSP (My Lead System Pro).

For details, CLICK HERE and read my MLSP review.

Give this system to your team members, and they’ll easily duplicate your results, bringing you a decent check.

I think, that if your goal is to succeed in network marketing business, using an online mlm system is a MUST.



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The Best Internet Home Business

The Best Internet Home Business


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Logo for the Best Internet Home BusinessWhat is the best internet business indeed?

That depends…

It may be a large software producing company, it may be just a home based business.

As for me, I prefer the latter.

Namely, a “little” business called internet marketing.

Actually, internet marketing comprises a few branches, but I would distinguish three of them: creating and selling your own product, affiliate marketing and internet network marketing.

There are people, that can call each of them the best internet home business

Is Creating and Selling Your Own Product the Best Internet Home Business?

If you choose this kind of internet business, you’ll have all of the control in your hands and get all the profit.

But on the other hand, to be successful on this field, you must have knowledge and experience in such areas of internet marketing, as market research, website creation, copywriting, traffic generation, follow-up process and so forth…

No doubt, this way is profitable, but pretty difficult, especially, if you’re new to internet marketing.

Perhaps, later it will become the best internet home business for you, but definitely not from the very beginning.

So Maybe Affiliate Marketing is the Best Internet Home Business?

Affiliate marketing is marketing of other people’s products and services.

There are a lot of companies on the internet, that offers affiliate programs.

To become an affiliate you should just create your account and get your personal link to the company’s promotional website.

All you need is to promote your personal link and send traffic to this website.

Each time someone makes a purchase, you get paid a commission.

If the company’s website presents different products, you’ll get paid in case of purchase of any of these products.

Isn’t this business the best internet home business?

Sounds good: without investment, without your own product, without your own website…

Unfortunately, in reality it’s not that simple…

Yes, you can earn some money from time to time.

But you won’t get big stable success without understanding basic principles of marketing, principles of lead (traffic) generation and actually having your own unique website.

But it definitely has its potential to become a part of the best internet home business, at any rate.

Well, Now Let’s Try to Determine Whether Internet Network Marketing is the Best Internet Home Business

First of all, why network marketing?

Very simple.

What do we expect from our “best internet home business”?

Certainly, a financial freedom, that means money and free time, provided by a business, that works without our direct involvement, generating us so called residual income.

All this is about network internet business

Because network marketing gives you LEVERAGE.

You can leverage the time and the efforts of hundreds and thousands of members of your team.

And using the internet allows you to multiply this effect.

Because you’re getting a possibility to address an audience of millions of people in hundreds countries.

Internet network marketing allows you to create a business, that will work for you 24/7/365 on complete autopilot.

This can actually make that kind of business the best internet home business for you.

But… don’t forget – this is a business.

And you must clearly understand all the elements, that are involved in it.

Just to name some of them: finding the right network marketing company, learning the modern marketing concept, personal branding, traffic generation, list building and so forth…

But don’t be scared.

I’m willing to give your a hand…

If you’re brand new to marketing, you can start with grabbing my FREE Report, that will lead you step-by-step through the whole process of building the best internet home business of your own (CLICK HERE to get FREE access).

If you’re familiar with the basics, you definitely need a system, that will provide you with the whole range of internet marketing training, supply you with the fully customizable marketing websites and pre-written follow-up messages and much more…

Such a system truly exists, it’s MLSP (My Lead System Pro).

You can read my MLSP review HERE.

Taking into consideration all mentioned above, someone could call internet network marketing the best internet home business…

But as for me, the best internet home business comprises all these elements: internet network marketing, affiliate marketing and, over time, creation and selling your own product as well.

Join our MLSP community, follow instructions and you’ll surely build your Best Internet Home Business.



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The Best Leads for Your Business

The Best Leads for Your Business


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image of a best leads awardAll network marketers know that leads are the blood of our business.

But which leads are the best leads?

Obviously, those who are close to your attitude of mind and already want what you have to offer.

But what source can give you that kind of leads?

Or are they all the same?

Maybe the best leads are those that you can simply buy on the market?

Are Purchased Leads the Best Leads?

If you type the words “best leads” into a query box of any of the search engine, you will instantly get dozens of offers of leads for sale.

This is not a problem.

The problem is that these leads are not equal.

They vary from absolutely worthless to partly-qualified.

That depends on the way they were generated: were they really looking for a business opportunity or just filled out some form in hopes of winning something.

Also, that depends on the age of the lead: imagine, how many times this lead could be sold before you run across it.

And, of course, to find your truly best leads, you still need to sift through them, to talk to them with the intent of qualifying them.

So, maybe the Warm Market leads are the best leads?

The Best Leads – Warm Market

As you know, people like to deal with those they already know, like and trust.

Hence, your warm market – family members, friends, co-workers, Facebook friends etc.  – is really the best place to start your market efforts with.

Taking into consideration your pre-established relationship with them, you will definitely, at least, have their attention.

These leads are much better than the ones you can buy, but are they the best leads out there?

Will they be interested in buying your product or joining you in your business venture?

Who knows?

Yes, they know and trust YOU, but maybe aren’t familiar with your business abilities.

And maybe they are not inclined to run any kind of business at all.

So, again you have to qualify them yourself.

The Best Leads and an Automated Marketing Machine

On the other hand, if you set up and use an automated online marketing system, you’ll generate fresh leads of your own in real time.

Branding yourself first and using principles of Attraction Marketing, you’re building rapport with them, establishing trust and authority and thus, moving them from the “cold market” to your “warm market”.

Meanwhile, your marketing “machine” starts educating your leads providing them with very useful valuable information regarding an internet marketing in general and building an internet marketing business in particular.

Using funded proposal, it will sort and pre-qualify them, converting them into truly the best leads for your business.

As Ann Sieg wrote in her free ebook “The 7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing” (I highly recommend you to read it):

“A finely-tuned marketing system should… be like aimage of a book  The 7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing, that leads to getting the best leads machine used in a manufacturing plant: You put raw materials in one end, it spits out qualified results – prospects – on the other end.

Predictably and consistently, ‘round the clock.

Every day when you wake up you know it will produce new potential business partnerships for you to cultivate”.

Aren’t they the best leads to work with?

If you’re interested in setting up your own automated marketing machine, I would recommend you take a look at My Lead System Pro – the best proven marketing platform in the world. (CLICK HERE to read my MLSP review.)

It will teach and help you to generate the best leads for your network marketing business.



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The “Disavow Links” Tool – Good News or Just the Beginning of a Disaster?


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Disavow Links Tool

Announcement of the Disavow Links Tool.

On April 24th Google’s changed the SEO game forever, having launched the biggest search engine algorithm update for the last several years named the “Penguin” update.

The goals, pursued by this update, are: to PENALIZE websites, that are keyword overstuffed, and those, that obtain too many “anchor text” backlinks or backlinks of “poor quality”.

Many of website owners were hurt, even those, who didn’t use any of black-hat techniques.

And the worst thing is, that, if your website is poisoned by “bad” links, it’s almost impossible to recover, in spite of deleting these links.

Now, on October 17th, Google announced the Disavow Links tool in its Webmaster Tools.

It allows website owners to ask Google not to take into account the list of links of their choice.

So, is the Appearance of the Disavow Links Tool Good News?

On the one hand, yes.

Because, now Google’s assuring us, that it will be taking into consideration our deletion of the “poor” links.

For a lot of website owners, the appearance of the Disavow Links tool is the really great relief!

But on the other hand, I personally feel that this whole thing is a bit (or a lot) fishy.

Can Google really detect artificially built backlinks and clearly distinguish them from naturally built?

Good question!

And there is a big doubt about it.

Many honest website owners, hit by the Penguin update, are the proof.

But now, when crowds of people haste to submit countless links, that they feel are “poor”, using the Disavow Links tool,  Google, at last, will get a “proved” source of the “spammy” sites, these links came from.

And Google will surely penalize both these sites and all those, that are linked to by these sites.Disavow Links tool

Appalling picture, isn’t it?

Every website, that’s used to giving links too easy, may get into this list.

If you’ve agreed with someone on mutual syndication of your content, congratulations, you may find yourself on the list, too.

The whole tribal syndication concept is in danger.

Also, links from article directories, forum signature links, blog comments, social bookmarking sites, the list may go on.

Google has never had such a good data bank before the appearance of the Disavow Links tool.

And think about those unscrupulous marketers, who’ve already started, after the Penguin update, to send “poisonous” links to their competitor’s websites to decrease their rankings.

Now, with the  Disavow Links tool at hand, they will get another weapon at their disposal.

So, what to do now?

Some SEO’s advice:

  • remove any link-exchange plugin from your website, because it may be reported as a “source of poor quality links”;
  • stop participating in any “poor quality” link building system, because, if any of your link sources is reported as a “source of poor quality links”, you’ll be penalized as well;
  • start analyzing your links, to determine the “source of poor quality links”, in order  to remove them, or, if you’ve already been hit by Penguin update, maybe, to ponder the possibility of using the Disavow Links tool.

Note, that all the mentioned above is speculation, as everything regarding search engine algorithm in general.

Nobody knows for sure, what’s going on.

What guidelines would I recommend you to follow in this post-Penguin and post-Disavow Links tool times?

Make sure, that your content is of good quality, not overstuffed by keywords to become unreadable.

We don’t know, what’s a “source of poor quality links” for Google, but we can suppose, what can raise “red flags”.

For instance, it’s links from the same or similar content.

If you’re implementing such a technique as article marketing, never use your original article for it.

Write another one and thoroughly spin it.

You need more links from unique contents, so consider writing several articles, that will link to your original article, using varying anchor texts.

That will help you lower the risk for your link sources being “flagged” using Disavow Links tool.

Google definitely keeps putting more weight on the authority of the sites.

Therefore, you need more backlinks from the high PageRank web pages to raise yours.

You don’t have to rely on the same sources of backlinks, it has to be a mix of them: article directories, forum posts, blog comments, social media etc.

Social media sites are definitely becoming more and more important in Google’s eyes, they, obviously, are the future of SEO.

I hope you’ll find my ranting about our post-Penguin/Disavow Links tool future useful, but this issue is very complicated, so I would highly appreciate if you shared your thoughts on it in the comments.



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Content Creation – 9 Ways to Make It Easy

Content Creation – 9 Ways to Make It Easy


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Image of a person busy with a Content CreationIf you choose to master a powerful marketing strategy like Blogging or Article Marketing, it’s time to think about Content Creation.

Content creation costs you nothing, but at the same time, every piece of content you produce is literally priceless because it stays online and is potentially able to supply you with new prospects long after you’ve created it.

But if you’re new to Content Marketing, you might be thinking: “Content creation is not my cup of tea, I’m not an expert, I don’t know what to write about”.

Okay, let’s try to resolve this issue.

9 Sources for Content Creation.

#1. Share your knowledge.

As a professional, you surely understand that the process of education never ends.

You’re studying new books, courses, mastering new marketing techniques…

Don’t be just a consumer, be a marketer – share new knowledge with your prospects.

Learn and teach, learn and teach…

Every interesting post or newsletter you read, every webinar you attended can be transformed into the new piece of content.

But don’t forget, this is a content CREATION, so don’t just copy and paste someone’s content, rewrite it in your own words to make it original.

#2. “How to…” Content.

Let’s say you attended a webinar on blog optimisation, or installed a new plugin, or resolved any technical problem connected to your blog.

Write about it.

Explain step by step how you’ve done that.

People need it.

#3. MLM Company Reviews.

Another good source for your content creation.

Go to

There, you’ll find lists of Top MLM Companies, Top MLM Performers, Top MLM Gainers and their profiles.

Also, visit

Pay attention to the left column, find the “New Companies”.

Your prospects would be glad to learn about them.

Also, check out

Read their reviews on companies of your choice.

(And don’t forget to write a review about your own MLM company and one more review about its product.)

#4. Internet Marketing Tools.

You’re surely implementing different internet marketing tools for keyword research, article marketing, getting backlinks, content syndication and so forth…

Write a review about each of them.

Now, there are a lot of general topics for your content creation purposes, such as Mindset, Personal Development, Prospecting, Success Principles, different marketing strategies and much more.

You can find tons of information on them.


Next 3 sources alone are able to turn you into a Content Creation Factory.

#5. MLSP (MyLeadSystemPro).

MLSP is not just the best marketing platform in the world, in my opinion, they also have an enormous library of recorded webinars on all aspects of network marketing.

And each week they host some more. (CLICK HERE to register for their closest webinar.)

This library is literally priceless for content creation purposes.


BetterNetworker is the #1 site on the Internet for home based business owners and entrepreneurs.

And when you become a member of the Association of BetterNetworkers, among other benefits you’re getting access to a huge library of exclusive content.

CLICK HERE and check it yourself.

#7. “What’s Working Now”.

This is the monthly newsletter by Magnetic Sponsoring, that provides “the latest online marketing and recruitment secrets for home business owners”.

Inside each issue, you’ll discover a content creation goldmine of action packed tutorials, exclusive training resources, and a private monthly webinar too!

CLICK HERE and get your $1 Trial.

#8. Interviews with the Leaders.

Another source for content creation.

You’re surely attending marketing events.

You meet leaders of the industry.

Do a couple of interviews with them.

People love this stuff.


Participate in network marketers’ forums to determine what problems other marketers are experiencing.

Then GOOGLE them!

You’ll possibly find the solution.

Write about that.

And don’t forget, being an expert in content creation, producing valuable content, means knowing just slightly more about the subject than your prospects.

Very simple.

And don’t think too much about your lack of credibility.

As long as you provide your prospects with the SOLUTIONS to their PROBLEMS, they won’t bother to scrutinize it.

I hope that content creation doesn’t seem to be very difficult to you anymore.



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