The Best Landing Page – Some Crucial Tips to Hit the Target


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Plane landing on the Best Landing PageToday I want to share with you some tips on creating the best landing page for your business.

As you know, to be a successful internet marketer, you should create your own list of leads.

And this whole process starts with creating a landing page (a.k.a. a squeeze page or a lead capture page).

The best landing page is a webpage, that contains just an opt-in form and an enticing call to action. Period.

Its ONLY goal is to get your prospect’s contact information.

Not more.

No mention of your company, product or opportunity!

What Should Your Best Landing Page Consist of?

There are four main parts, that make up the best landing page:

  1. Headline;
  2. Call to action;
  3. Capture (or Opt-in) form;
  4. Privacy policy.


The main goal of the Headline of your best landing page is to catch your prospect’s attention.

Remember, that in our crazy, always rushing somewhere world you have only 3-5 seconds for that.

So, the first words of your Headline must be really “catchy”.

When writing the Headline of your best landing page always keep in mind, that you should answer the following questions:

  • WHO are your prospects?Sign "Best Landing Page Tips"

Try to narrow your answer, be as specific and precise as possible.

  • What is their main PROBLEM (main “PAIN”)?

Choose the biggest one.

This is the “wound” in which you will “rub some salt”.

  • What SOLUTION can you offer to relieve this “PAIN”?

Choose just one simple answer.

There are eight main motivators that drive people:

  1. make money;
  2. save money;
  3. save time;
  4. save effort;
  5. improve health;
  6. eliminate pain;
  7. increase pleasure;
  8. impress others.

Try to determine, which of them is the most essential for your prospects.

When writing the Headline for your best landing page don’t forget, that you should offer your prospects something valuable for them for FREE in return for their contact information.

Here are some Headline templates just for example:

1. FREE (Report, Video, Newsletter…) Reveals How to (Easily, Quickly, Naturally…) (Get Rid of, Achieve, Eliminate…) Without ___.

2. FREE ___ Shows How a ___ Year Old ___ Went From ___ to ___ in ___, Without ___.

3. FREE ___ Reveals My #1 Secret to ___.

Call to action

The Call to action of your best landing page should explain to your prospects, what exactly they have to do to receive the SOLUTION to their PROBLEM, that you’ve just promised them.

Needless to say, that you should keep your word, and all your prospects must get everything.

By the way, if you’re using such an enticement as: Limited Time Offer…, Only ___ left… or Only Until Midnight… that also ought to be true.

An example of a Call to action for your best landing page may be:

.             “Claim Your FREE ___ Now!

.             Simply Enter Your Name and Email Address in

.     n       the Boxes Below to Receive This Powerful ___.”

Capture Form

The suitable Capture form for your best  landing page can be chosen from the templates, that are provided by autoresponder services.

There some reliable autoresponders on the market, I personally use AWeber.

Privacy Policy

In the Privacy policy of your best landing page, you should assure your prospects that their personal information won’t be headed over to any third party under any circumstances.

This will help you establish trust and confidence in your future relationships with them.

One additional comment: including a VIDEO in the landing page can really make it the best landing page for you because this can dramatically increase its conversion rate.

This video shouldn’t be long, just about one minute.

Include a short introduction of yourself, a proposition of value, an explanation of how what you’re offering can solve a particular problem and a Call to action.

That’s it, your Best Landing Page is ready.



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