Building Your Own List of Leads.


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List of Leads

Experienced network marketers say that the goal of all your marketing activities is to get your prospects’ contact information, that means to build a list of leads.

And it’s natural because your ultimate goal is not in just giving your prospects an affiliate link and making a quick sale, but rather in building a firm relationship with them to be able to repeatedly recommend to them any useful products you may find.

But why is building your own list of leads SO crucial?

Note, YOUR OWN, not your company’s.


Building a List of Leads: Just Don’t Let Them Get Away.

First of all, if someone is leaving your site, chances that they will ever return are not very good.

Even if they were really interested.

They may just not recall your site’s exact name.

And searching for it, they will probably come across someone’s other site with a similar offer.

Building a List of Leads: Timing.

If your prospects didn’t show interest immediately, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are not interested at all.

Maybe they just don’t have time right now, maybe they have temporary financial difficulties, maybe they have problems in their personal life.

Who knows? Things do happen.

Maybe in a day or even in a few months they will be ready to buy from you or to join your business opportunity.

But if you won’t be in touch with them at that time, you will lose them forever.

And don’t forget that if you keep connecting with pleased, grateful customers, you can sell your product to them over and over again.

Everybody knows, that a repeat customer is much, much better (more profitable) than a new one.

Monetizing Your List of Leads.

Presume, you have one thousand people in your list of leads, who gave you their permission to stay in touch with them, who trust you, who respect you and value your opinion and your advice.

Imagine, that you stumbled across a product that holds true value to your prospects, and the company offering this product has an affiliate program paying, say, $20 per sale.

You’re sending a couple of emails to your list of leads describing the product and the problem it solves and then the final email with the offer and a link with your affiliate URL.List of Leads

Say 50 of your 1000 subscribers (5% is not an unusual number) will end up buying.

50 sales at $20 per sale = $1000.

Not bad for the effort of sending a few emails!

And if your list of leads is much longer…

Building a List of Leads: Funded Proposal.

By the way, those prospects from your list of leads, who are interested in running a business (and most of them are, if they’re still in touch with you) are likely to be interested in many related topics such as accounting and tax loopholes, legal stuff, investing money, marketing, leadership and so forth…

All you have to do is to find this information and offer it to your subscribers in order to help them to solve their problems.

You see, the possibilities are really innumerable.

Building YOUR OWN List of Leads: Independence.

It’s not a secret, that many MLM companies highly restrict the independence of their “independent” representatives.

But having YOUR OWN list of leads allows you to get real independence and flexibility in running your business.

Maybe it’s time to change your mindset and start thinking about your business as the MAIN part of the picture, where your MLM company is the big but not the only offer you can bring to the table.

Building YOUR OWN List of Leads: Insurance Policy.

And not the least important thing to think about: what if your MLM company ends its existence.

That may be bad management, problems with the Revenue Agency, a result of competition and who knows what else.

Unfortunately, these things happen in the business world every day. Many big names went belly up. You know that yourself from recent times.

Yes, I know – your company is the best and has no competition, but even the sun has spots.

Having YOUR OWN list of leads is your insurance policy for such a case, allowing you to start painlessly with any new company and any new product and get quick results.

Taking into consideration all of the mentioned above, I would say that building YOUR OWN list of leads, you create a solid foundation for your marketing future.



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