How to Sell Without Selling


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Annoying Salesperson

What is the most terrifying thought for the new marketer?

The necessity of becoming one of these sleazy, pushy salesmen with a fake smile, pretending to be a total strangers’ best friend, isn’t it?

We all want to build a successful marketing business but do it somehow without having this feeling of doing something wrong, not ethic, not correlating with our notions of decency.

But is it really possible?

Fortunately, it’s not only possible, it’s absolutely necessary if you want your business to be really successful.

Because today’s people are sophisticated enough to detect immediately, if you appear even a little bit fake.

Therefore the old-fashioned, obsolete marketing tactics of the past are not effective anymore and became absolutely useless.

The modern marketing approach is rather about genuinely helping people, than about manipulating them in pursuit of quick bucks.

It’s much smarter to build a business building your brand as a trusted adviser, people want to deal with.

Hence, here are 4 fundamentals, that allow you to sell without selling.

1. Focus on Helping Your Prospects

Forget about what you want and try to figure out what they want.

Forget about selling, put this thought aside.

This is what all the successful salespeople do.

Because your prospects will immediately sense, whether you do really care about them, or just about making money.

Stop thinking about how important it is for you to make this sale, and how much money it will bring into your pocket.

Think about how to really help your prospects to find a product or service, that suits them the best.

Make this your priority.

2. Talk Less, Listen More

Talk Less, Listen More

You’ve certainly met these annoying people, that believe, that if they’re talking non-stop not giving you a chance to interrupt them with an objection, then sooner or later you will agree with them and buy what they offer or sign up into their business.

The result is usually the opposite.

So, don’t be one of these people.

Much more productive is to listen to your prospects, letting them talk, maybe only directing them a bit by asking clarifying questions.

You will understand their needs and desires better, which will allow you to determine how your offer can help them.

You’ll be surprised, but people will want to buy from you, because of the trust they will have in you.

3. Teaching Sells

I guess you’ve seen articles in papers, by some financial advisers or real estate agents, where they teach readers the basics of their subject, trying to answer the most frequently asked questions and not requiring anything in return.

They implement so-called attraction marketing principles, maybe even not knowing about it.

And this approach allows them to immediately stand out from the crowd.

Because people feel, that these authors are genuinely trying to help them, without imposing their services on them, and this creates trust, that, in turn, leads to establishing long lasting relationships.

If people follow you, they become your repeated customers, that is much more profitable for you as a seller.

The more value you deliver to them, the more loyal the followers you acquire.

4. Sell Results, not Just Products

If you want to have loyal customers, think not only about the sale itself but also about what happens after the sale.

Help your customers get maximum results with your product or service.

Provide them with something like quick start guide, answers to frequently asked questions or even personal consulting.

And if for any reason the customer is not satisfied, he (or she) should have the option of a refund, no questions asked.

Eventually, this “satisfaction guarantee”  increases your sales, because it creates a sense of certainty in your customers, certainty that you’re interested in them getting results.

All the mentioned above boils down to one thing: if you’re trying to help other people, if you’re trying to solve their problems, if you’re genuinely trying to change their lives for the better, than the process of selling goes by itself.

You are not selling, but people are buying.

And everybody’s happy!

Isn’t it cool?!



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