The Way to Business Success Starts in Your Head


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Business Success

Every business owner and an online business owner is not an exception, wants to be successful.

But do you realize that your way to business success starts in your own head?

And I’m not kidding you.

Before you even start your business, you should work on your mindset.


A positive mindset is absolutely crucial to the success of your business.

Because everything starts with your decision to become successful, to become a leader people are willing to follow.

From the very beginning, you should be aware of your full responsibility for your own results.

As a business owner, you have to realize that your success is in your own hands and you can not blame somebody else if anything goes wrong.

Network marketing is not one of those “get rich quick” schemes, it is a business.

And building a business is not that easy, otherwise everybody would do it.

It definitely takes time and sweat to build a successful business.

And it doesn’t happen overnight.

an image for a Business SuccessYour way to success may take months or even years.

It’s like growing a Chinese bamboo tree – the result may not be visible yet, but the growth is going on.

You may never know when exactly all the pieces of your marketing puzzle will fall into place.

As our life, our business’ path to success won’t be free of challenges and setbacks.

But winners differ from whiners by their ability to turn challenges into opportunities.

Who do YOU want to be?

It is important to develop a kind of mental toughness, because, when you encounter obstacles and challenges on your way to success, you will need extra motivation, determination, commitment, patience and persistence to overcome them.

Here are some tips for you to implement to develop a proper mindset:

  • set up high goals – think big – this will let you mobilize your additional inner resources;
  • surround yourself with supportive, like-minded people;
  • hang out with successful people – their presence in your life will be very inspirational, try to model their actions and attitude of mind;
  • try to stay away from negative people who are criticizing what you’re doing. Though it’s not possible to completely avoid them, it’s certainly possible to limit their impact on you;
  • read other’s success stories;
  • don’t neglect physical exercises – they help keep you confident.

Of course, positive mindset can not guarantee your success in business by itself, but it definitely can help you a lot.

Be positive-minded, consistent in your actions, committed to achieving your goals, persistent and success will surely come.


To Your Financial Independence!



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The Chinese Bamboo Tree Lesson

The Chinese Bamboo Tree Lesson


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the image of bamboo trees

Chinese Bamboo Tree Lesson

Some time ago I’ve read a story about the “Chinese Bamboo Tree Lesson”, that I liked very much.

It went something like this…

Having decided to grow a bamboo tree, you choose proper soil, plant a seed, water it and start waiting.

People told you that it will take a while for it to sprout, so you are prepared to wait.

You keep watering it for an entire year but nothing happens.

Okay, you’re a diligent person, you continue to care for the soil, to water it and wait.

The second year comes to an end – nothing!

But you’re not going to give up. You heard a lot of success stories about people who managed to grow the same tree and you’re inspired by them, so you keep watering and keep waiting. One more entire year… to no avail.

Now you are in doubt.

Maybe you’re doing something wrong?

Maybe if you choose another tree, you will get results faster and they will be more impressive?

And after all, what do you need all this mess for?!

You’ve already almost lost your faith, but since so many efforts and so much time was spent you’re deciding to give it another year.

Yes, that’s it! If this time, you won’t succeed, that means it’s not for you. And you will come out of play. That won’t be your fault. You did your best.

Fifth year!

the image of a man watering bamboo sprouts

Chinese Bamboo Tree Lesson

You still keep watering and waiting, watering and waiting…

And at last…you notice something small and green – the tiny sprout.


After four years of waiting, you feel so excited as if you bore it yourself!

But now you wonder: if it took your bamboo four years to just appear, maybe it will take it four more years to grow to the height of some feet.

With these thoughts, you go home.

But when you come back in the morning you’re really shocked!

Now it’s two feet tall!


And since then your bamboo keeps on growing and growing, growing and growing…for about six weeks.

Then it stops growing having reached about 80 feet or more.

80 feet in 6 weeks!

It grew only six weeks, though.


Not quite.

It grew all this time.

But the first four years it grew invisibly, downwards.

It grew its roots.

And only when it’s root system became large enough and strong, it “exploded”.

So what is the point?

You, as a business owner, especially in network marketing business, have also to be consistent and persistent fostering your “bamboo tree”, your business.

If you know that you’re not the first on this way, and there are a lot of people who have already succeeded on it, then keep on “watering” and everything will be all right!



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The 7 Keys to Success in Network Marketing

The 7 Keys to Success in Network Marketing


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KEY to SUCCESS in network marketingStarting your way to success in network marketing, always follow the winners, who have passed this way before you.

They say success leaves clues…

That’s absolutely correct, so “find those who have what you want, do what they do and get what they got”.

In this post I want to give you the 7 keys, that, I hope, will help you achieve success in network marketing.

1. First of all, you must definitely have a big “WHY”. 

Whether you want to have more free time, or achieve financial independence, or want to retire your parents, or need money to pay for your children’s education…

Because your path won’t be short and easy.

Having a big, strong “WHY” will help you stay focused and committed to achieving your goal.

2. Believe in this industry, your MLM company, it’s product, the leaders, your upline and especially in yourself.

The stronger your belief, the better your chances of success in network marketing.

Love your business, treat it like a business, constantly study it, trying to raise the level of your knowledge and improve your skills, and this will pay off.

Hold yourself accountable and responsible, not expecting, that someone will build your business for you.

Otherwise, it will continue to just stay a hobby, but as it’s known, hobbies only cost us time and money.

3. Be a professional, not an amateur, if you’re really aimed at achieving success in network marketing.

There are a lot of MLM opportunities on the market, and everyone wants to share his (or hers) with the world.

But amateurs start with pitching their opportunity to people, regardless of whether they’re willing to listen to them or not.

While professionals follow the laws of attraction, leading with value, trying to help, instead of just trying to sell.

These principles work both for online and offline network marketing.

4. Create your team members’ success in network marketing and it will return to you multiplied.

This is the idea our industry is founded on – create your own success by helping others achieve theirs.

What can be more inspiring?

Help your people, create a team of successful marketers, and you’ll get money, time, freedom and reputation, that will start working for you as well.

5. Surround yourself with the people, that are an example to you.

This is about having the right mindset, not only to get success in network marketing but even in life in general.

Your choice, whether you’ll have the mindset of an employee, or the mindset of a business person, the mindset of a successful entrepreneur, or the mindset of a person that can hardly make both ends meet.

And a lot depends on what kind of people surround you.

The best way of setting up your mindset the right way is by starting hang around the type of people you want to become.

Learn how THEY achieved success in network marketing, model what they do, try to act and even think like they do, try to get inside their minds to determine what differs them from those who failed.

6. Find, and start implementing, a proven marketing system.

This will help you save your valuable time.

An online based marketing system is able to lead you to success in network marketing by sifting through your prospects, sorting and pre-qualifying them, leaving you only with those, who are really worth your attention.

Fortunately, I can present to you such a system, that I personally use.

Click here to read my review on it.

7. To ensure a real long lasting success in network marketing start a massive action.

Don’t expect huge results coming overnight.

Be patient and consistent, spending time acting, instead of waiting.

Say, if you choose content marketing as your online marketing strategy, write minimum one piece of a content a day and post it on the net.

If you choose offline marketing, talk to as many prospects as possible every day.

Because, as you’ve probably already heard, network marketing is a numbers game.

Don’t think, that if you spent a week on marketing, and still don’t see a big check, that means it doesn’t work.

It does.

Just use these 7 keys to success in network marketing and you’ll be amazed by the results.



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Think...Why do people fail in the network marketing business?

And do they really fail?

Some people are starting their network marketing or any other entrepreneurial career with a thought in mind, that they will become wealthy in a couple of months maximum.

They heard many success stories and decided to build their own.

When their dreams don’t come true that fast, they Quit.

Some people are starting on, I would say, “Try” mode.

They also heard success stories and want to just “try” to determine whether this business really works.

They establish a certain time frame, usually pretty narrow, and wait for huge success…

Of course, success doesn’t come on such terms.

And they also Quit.

Now, they are convinced, and tell others, that they tried and failed, and this business simply doesn’t work.

People Do Not Fail In Network Marketing!
They Just Quit!

All these people had everything to succeed.

But because of setting unrealistic expectations or having been convinced by others, including their closest ones, that this is not for them – they Quit.

Every network marketer, including me, can confess, that he (or she) felt like quitting many times throughout their career.

This is normal.

Building a business requires PATIENCE and COMMITMENT.

And network marketing is not an exception.


“If You Treat It Like A Business, It Will Pay You Like A Business.
If You Treat It Like A Hobby, It Will Cost You Time And Money”.

There always is a learning curve in acquiring a new business or professional skills, that takes a certain amount of time.

Successful people are like you and me, they just decided: first – to take action, and second – to never quit.

If you do the same, nothing will prevent you from being successful too.

Nobody is born a WINNER, as nobody is born a MEDIOCRE person, not mention a LOSER.

WE turn ourselves into one of them.

You should cultivate the WINNING MINDSET –  a mindset of setting goals and not waiting for them to approach you, but actively approaching them no matter what happens on the way.Do it!

This is a mindset of seeing the finish line in front of you and keeping on going till you cross it.

Failure is never an option!

You know that you are not the first one on this road.

Many have already passed it before you and achieved amazing success.

So can you.

You must just have three “beliefs”:

1. Belief in the network marketing industry.

You should realize, that in today’s unstable, poor economy this industry gives average people the possibility to not only establish their own business but even achieve complete financial freedom.

Network Marketing, like no other industry, allows you to build residual income using the leverage of building a team.

And thanks to the internet this concept works as never before.

2. Belief in the company, you have chosen.

You have to be absolutely confident in your company, its products and compensation plan and be your own best customer.

3. Belief in yourself.

You must be dead sure that you’re able to achieve the success you deserve.

You should be willing to invest time and money in your training and personal development and do it on a daily basis.

As Jim Rohn said: “Personal development is like bathing, it should be done daily”.

You must be ready to overcome doubts, negative thoughts and frustrations, that all entrepreneurs encounter from time to time.

That’s okay.

It’s an inevitable part of the process of getting to new heights.

An important part of the winning mindset is keeping a positive attitude and surrounding yourself with positive people.

Just keep your mind focused on what you need to do to get your ultimate goal – building a strong successful business and through that, achieving Financial Freedom.

And you will become unstoppable.



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Confession of a Master.

Confession of a Master.


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I’ve recently received a message from Todd Falcone, a veteran of the network marketing industry, who has been doing this for over 20 years.

He is a worldwide known coach and speaker, who helped thousands of network marketers make their dreams come true.

This message appears to be so important, that I decided to give you the possibility to read it too.

Here it is:


People ask me all the time how I have managed to make money for so long in network marketing.  

A lot of people come and go…so make a splash and then get squashed.  

Some get a taste of success, then something bad happens and they never recover.  

Everyone is different.  

I’ve had my ass handed to me a couple of times in my business, and still came back charging.  

Whooping #1:  I got involved in a company that went into major growth, and had over 4500 reps in my business in a matter of about 15 months.  We were cranking.  The president of the company yelled at every top leader in a locked room because the night before, ONE disrespectful leader was talking during a business overview and could be heard by other prospects.  Instead of handling it one on one, he yelled at everyone.  It crashed the company. Literally, every leader stopped working because of that bad decision.  I left shortly thereafter.  

Whooping #2:  I spent 11 years with a company, only to have the check not show up one month when expected.  They closed their doors and stopped paying reps.   I was without a company and had no check.  I ended up going through nearly $50,000 in savings during the recovery process.  

I never quit.  I never went back and got a job.  I dusted off and kept on moving forward.  

Three Reasons Why I’ve Made Money for Over 20 Years

  1.  I’m always learning.  There’s never been a time that I felt I knew it all because I don’t.  I still read, listen to audios, study my rear off, and attend every live event I can.  
  2. I’m always prospecting new business.  The only way out of any doldrum or slow period is new business.  Remember that, and you’ll have a very long career in this profession. 
  3. I operate with integrity.  If I say something, I do it.  I don’t burn bridges with anyone.  Screwing someone over for the sake of personal gain is never good.  Always think win-win in everything you do, and your career with last a lifetime.  

Surround yourself with successful people.  Success tends to rub off on you. 

Have a good day!

Todd Falcone”


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“Shiny Object Syndrome”

“Shiny Object Syndrome”


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Shiny Object SyndromeAlmost every new internet marketer at some point starts feeling overwhelmed and confused because of an abundance of information he (or she) is filled with.

If it refers to you as well, don’t be scared… it’s Okay… I was in the same position too.

You must be studying one ebook after another, buying different courses, watching an innumerable quantity of video tutorials and still feel uncertain, unable to start.

This state is known as the “Shiny Object Syndrome”.

So how to get rid of it?

First of all, stop fooling yourself.

You have to realize, that the magic marketing strategy, technique or software, that will bring you success overnight, just doesn’t exist, period.

So stop searching the internet and wasting your time and money.

I don’t mean, that you’ve already completed your education – not at all.

The education process never ends.

Top producers, actually, spend thousands of dollars on courses and different marketing products.

But for you, it’s now time to take action.

And don’t try to be perfect from the very beginning, because you won’t.

And you don’t have to.

Maybe your first try will be awful.

That’s not the point.

The point is to start.

Many people spend hours trying to study everything they can to make up a perfect plan of action and end up not taking action at all.

Don’t follow their example.

Take action and don’t be afraid of making mistakes.

Making mistakes is Okay.

When we’re making mistakes we’re learning.

But where to begin?…

“Begin at the beginning, – the King said gravely, – then go until you reach the end. Then stop.”                                                                          .                                                                                                           –Lewis Carroll, “Alice                                                                                             in Wonderland.”

Choose one marketing strategy you like and some of the tools you need.

Decide to make a commitment to focus on them for 6 to 12 months minimum.

Stick to this particular strategy until it brings results and only after that master another.

Be consistent, don’t give up and it will work out.

But first of all, stop dreaming and start acting!

All your dreams, all your books and courses, all your knowledge are absolutelyShiny Object Syndrome meaningless if you won’t take ACTION!

That’s what sets apart an Earner from a Dreamer!

I recall an old joke about a man, who was pestering everybody around him with complaints about his fate.

He is poor, his wife is greedy, his house is small and old, he can’t earn enough money, because his boss doesn’t like him… but if he could win a lottery prize…!

That repeated day after day for many years…

Eventually, all the people in town gathered together to plead God to let him win…

They prayed and prayed, prayed and prayed…

“Please, dear Lord, let him win…”

And suddenly, a dead tired voice came from the skies:

“I would… I’m fed up too…”


“But tell him to buy a ticket, at least!!!”

So… take some action, at least!!!

(But I plead: “Don’t buy a lottery ticket!” :-))

And you will certainly get your success.



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