4 Real Life Tips to Expand Your Network Marketing Business


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Expand Your Network Marketing Business

You can find a lot of methods on the net, that are  promised to help you to expand your network marketing business.

The problem is that not all of them work in real life.

I want to give you some proven tips, that will truly help you to achieve desirable results if you take them seriously.

Tip #1: Don’t Prejudge – Restrain Your Enthusiasm

Most people, having gotten involved in the network marketing business the first time, make the same mistake – they mentally create two lists: one of those who will, in their opinion, surely share their enthusiasm and join them in this venture, and another of those who, also in their opinion, stand no chance to succeed in it.

As I’ve said, this is a big mistake.

All successful network marketers tell, that most often the reality is just opposite.


Nobody knows.

So, just don’t prejudge.

Tip #2: Don’t Set Up Unrealistic Expectations

Because setting up unrealistic expectations leads to the feel of frustration.

Don’t get addicted to outcomes.

Don’t try to convert every conversation into a sign-up.

Network marketing is just a numbers game.

Concentrate on presenting of your business to more people.

Don’t try to convince wrong people to join you – they won’t help you to grow your business.

Tip #3: Make Things Simple

Don’t transform initial conversation with your prospects into a full-time performance about the network marketing industry in general and your company in particular.

If you’re talking more than 4-5 minutes, you’re probably talking too much.

And don’t ever start with phrases like these:

  • This is a ground floor opportunity
  • They have a terrific compensation plan
  • We’ll make a fortune very fast
  • This business is right for you

Your prospects think, that anything you do, they will also have to do.

Don’t scare them.

They should feel right from the beginning, that they are able to do the same, and without being perceived as just an another annoying salesperson.

As a brand new marketer, you should rather be an inviter than a presenter.

Invite your prospects to a presentation or show them an introduction video.

“I don’t know if it’s right for you, but I’ve been recently introduced to a very interesting and promising business…” wouldn’t be a bad thing to start the conversation with.

Tip #4: Don’t Try to Be a Superstar

Yes, if you’re an excellent salesperson, you can achieve great results in recruiting, but not necessarily in building a business.

Because in network marketing, everything is about duplication.

A superstar is hardly to be duplicated.

Building the network marketing business is not about being a superstar, but on the contrary, it is about following a proven system, that anyone could follow.

Remember, duplication, duplication and duplication – this is the key to the successful growth of the network marketing business.



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6 Crucial Tips on MLM Sponsoring

6 Crucial Tips on MLM Sponsoring


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MLM Sponsoring

If you’re in the network marketing business, no matter how effective you are in generating leads, your main check is going to depend on the quantity and quality of the people who signed up into your primary business.

That means, that you have to master your prospecting skills in order to become an expert in mlm sponsoring.

The network marketing business is all about communication.

The more people you introduce your business to, the more sign-ups you’ll get, the faster your check will grow.

Here are 6 crucial tips, that will guide you on your way to success in prospecting.

Use MLM Sponsoring Scripts

All the successful network marketers used scripts at the beginning of their marketing career.

Because memorization of these scripts helps say the right words in different situations without thinking, on a subconscious level.

Todd Falcone - mlm sponsoring made easy

Todd Falcone

If you don’t have such mlm sponsoring scripts, I can recommend those, that a lot of network marketers, including me, are using.

This is the “Little Black Book” written by great world-wide known professional Todd Falcone.

You can grab it HERE, or, if you want to have a taste of it first, CLICK HERE and download one of these powerful mlm sponsoring scripts for FREE.

Trust me, this thing is extremely powerful.

Want to know how to easily recruit people outside of your warm market?


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Always Be in Charge of the Conversation

Don’t let your prospects take control of it, or you will loose your mlm sponsoring game.

Remember, that you’re dealing with people who have to wake up early in the morning every day and commute to a job they hate, work all day and so year after year.

They want to change their lives, and you’re the person who is able to help them.

Because you have this incredible opportunity in your hands, that can literally turn their lives.

Act according to that, be in charge, sound like it, and they will follow you.

MLM Sponsoring – “Get HOT or Get OUT!”

People generally make their decisions following their emotions…

They first hear how you’re speaking and only then what you’re speaking.

They feel your attitude towards the matter of your speech.

People join other people, those who they like and trust, so always be enthusiastic and energetic, get fired up about your business.

A wise man said, “Get HOT, or get OUT!”

MLM Sponsoring – Don’t Take It Personally

Most network marketers, especially new ones, are afraid of rejection.

Imagine, you’re earning nothing or close to that and you have some people to talk to.

Naturally, you hope that most of them join you, that makes you emotionally attached to them and makes possible rejections especially painful.

MLM sponsoring is just a business, don’t take it personally, don’t get emotionally attached to your prospects – if they don’t want to join you, it’s okay, move on.

If you put more new people into your mlm sponsoring pipeline, rejection won’t be a problem anymore.

MLM Sponsoring – Work with Your Leaders and Be a Leader for Your Prospects

Don’t hesitate to ask for support and assistance from the leaders of your company in order to fully understand what to do and what to say and how to do that.

They will definitely help you because they’re also interested in the growth of your team.

But don’t forget, that they can help, but don’t have to do all the job for you.

And be a leader for your team members, help them as your uplines help you – mlm sponsoring doesn’t end when someone joins your business. It’s just the beginning of your mutual work.

And practice, practice, practice…

Then take a break… and practice again…

The more you practice, the more confident you’ll become, the more fluent your speech is going to be, the more effective you will be in mlm sponsoring.



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