Methods of Generating Network Marketing Leads: Online vs Offline


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I love the network marketing business because this business model offers even ordinary people an opportunity to achieve tremendous success.

It allows you to build a source of residual income, moreover, a source of leveraged residual income, when you leverage your team members’ time and efforts.

The more people you have on your team, the more money you’re making.

That means, that what you desperately need for building your business is network marketing leads.

Without leads your business is dead.

But how to generate network marketing leads?

There are offline and online methods.

Let’s take a look at both of them.

The Offline Methods of Generating Network Marketing Leads

image for Respect the Old SchoolAs you probably know, in the offline world the way of generating network marketing leads starts with making your warm market list, the list of people that already know you: your family members, friends, neighbours, dentists and so on and so forth…

Then you’re supposed to get them acquainted with your business opportunity.

There is nothing wrong with this method if you do it right since you’ve gotten proper training.

But if you haven’t, it can become a very frustrating and ineffective way to build a network marketing business.

Besides, when you run out of your warm market list, the question arises what to do next.

You’ve surely heard about the 3-foot rule (or how Todd Falcone calls it: “60-yard rule”) when you’re trying to present your business opportunity to anyone within 3 feet of you (or within your sight).

There are many people who’re very successful in implementing this method and make good money.

If you’re an outgoing person that can easily start talking to complete strangers and get their attention, it’s great – you can use this method too.

Another way to generate network marketing leads, that I have frankly never tried, is to purchase them from lead generation companies.

I know people who use this method and achieved good results, but to me, it has to be hard work to go through the list of people who maybe don’t even remember that they left somewhere their content information and why they did that.

But who knows, maybe for you, it will work great.

The Online Methods of Generating Network Marketing Leads

The online ways of generating network marketing leads require more learning and training, but can be very effective.

Often they allow you to do the work once and then bring you results for many years.

The possibilities of generating network marketing leads online are literally endless because the internet gives you access to a huge group of prospects all over the world.

This, in turn, leads to the necessity to automate the marketing process as much as possible, because it’s absolutely impossible to contact to every prospect in person.

The online marketing methods can give you this automation simplifying your life, that offline methods can not.

The best way to generate network marketing leads online is to establish your own marketing website and direct interested people to it.

There are both paid and free methods of generating traffic online, but I would recommend you to start from the free ones, especially if you’re just at the beginning of your marketing journey.

How to Start Generating Network Marketing Leads Online?

Don’t try to use many methods simultaneously or jump from one to another.

Pick one strategy at a time, study, implement and try to master it.

Only after establishing a good source of steady flow of leads you may proceed to another strategy.

Trust me, that all successful internet marketers follow this blueprint.

sign "this way, that way"

Online vs Offline

Online vs Offline

Frankly, it doesn’t matter which marketing methods of generating network marketing leads you’ll choose – online or offline, it depends completely on your type of personality and kind of business you’re involved in.

Both offline and online methods can be discouraging, confusing and frustrating.

Some people can’t effectively implement offline methods, some can’t get principles of online marketing, which one you are only you can decide.

But both methods of generating network marketing leads work, it’s just a matter of determining which one is good for you and how to make them work.


To Your Financial Independence!



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How to Ruin Your Business in 7 Simple Steps

How to Ruin Your Business in 7 Simple Steps


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Image for "Ruined Business"There are a lot of tutorials on how to succeed in the network marketing business and a lot of people who failed on this path.

Though they, apparently, have their recipe on how to fail, I think they deserve to have a tutorial too, that’s why I decided to write this fun blog post for them.

I think, that those who don’t intend to fail, can benefit from it too, because if you know, which way leads to failure, you can avoid it.

It is impossible to solve the problem without recognizing, that it exists.

TIP #1 Keep on absorbing knowledge

Do not rush to start putting your knowledge into practice!

There is always a new book, new course, new strategy or technique, that you’re not familiar with, yet.

Forget that without action a new product itself is not a Solution, but just a new piece of information in your baggage.

The word “new” definitely has something magic, we always hope, that “new” will bring us success, satisfaction and happiness!

Wait until you come across it, because it will bring you a lot of money.


But the most important thing, don’t start acting!!!

TIP #2 Procrastination

Even if you decided, that “enough is enough”, put off starting your marketing until the beginning of… you say it.

The New Year is the best.

But a new month or a new week are not a bad thing as well.

Procrastination is your friend!

TIP #3 Blame your very busy daily schedule

This is my favorite excuse.

Nobody built a network marketing business part time having SUCH a schedule (or even kids!) before you, so how can you?

If someone tells you, that with the money from this business you’d have more free time, say pointedly something like: “Yes, it’s easy for you to say…”, or “It’s not all about money…”.

Your opponent will be ashamed.

TIP #4 Look busy

If you somehow decided to start, you still have a chance to fail.

Try to look very, very busy, but don’t spend your time on money making activities.

Listen to a series of marketing webinars, read books, after all, check your emails every several minutes.

Everybody will sympathize with you, looking how much and hard you’re working, and won’t dare to ask you about results.

TIP #5 Blame your sponsor

Also a good tactic.

“How can I really succeed, if my sponsor didn’t call me back?”

Or “my sponsor told me, that the product will sell itself (actually, don’t understand what this means), but it doesn’t.”

Or “he (or she) promised, that the whole business is already built for me, and I have nothing to do at all, but this is not true!”

Perfect excuse – don’t know what to say , blame your sponsor – that always works in the eyes of others.

Well, now, if you’ve become a sponsor yourself, here are some tips on how to keep on ruining your business.

TIP #6 Overpromise

See all the mentioned above and assure your prospects, that building a business has never been that easy.

That the product sells itself.

That the whole business is already built for them, they have nothing to do at all, but $10,000 a month are guaranteed.

All this BS…

Many will be excited and follow you without a word, and you’ll get your acquisition bonuses.

Later these people will hate you, and you’ll achieve your goal – a complete failure.

TIP #7 Don’t support your team

To complete the destruction of your business, try to avoid connecting with your team members.

This may be a little bit complicated, because they will start calling you 24/7, so I would advise you not to give them your true phone number, give a false one.

If you succeed in that, I can assure you – your business will be as dead as a doornail.

Okay, do you think, I’m exaggerating things?

Look around and you will see a lot of people, that act like this and nevertheless expect to succeed.

Do not copy them and do not deal with them and you won’t be disappointed.

Network marketing is not an easy business, but it’s worth doing because this pays off in full.

You deserve your success…



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Network Marketing Tips, That Are Often Underrated.

Network Marketing Tips, That Are Often Underrated.


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network marketing tips on team buildingIn this post I want to share some network marketing tips with you, that are often somehow overlooked.

Network Marketing Tips – Quantity vs Quality.

Many network marketers make one general mistake:  they’re trying to persuade every person around them to join their business opportunity, whether this person’s willing to start a business or not.

Is it a fear of the shortage of their warm market or a desire to get bonuses for the acquisition of a new customer?

I guess both.

But does it really make sense?

The main advantage of the MLM business is not in getting “acquisition bonuses”, but in earning a residual income, because you’re getting it regardless of what you’re personally doing at the time – working or having fun with friends.

This type of income tends to outperform “acquisition bonuses” over time, because you’re getting it, by using leverage – leverage of the efforts of the members of your WHOLE team, by getting a small percentage of their production.

So, if your team doesn’t grow, no “acquisition bonuses” are going to save your business.

This one of my network marketing tips seems to be obvious, yet many network marketers ignore it in pursuit of the quantity of future team members at the expense of their quality.

If you recruit people, who won’t be working, but will be constantly complaining instead, you’re just wasting your valuable time.

Wouldn’t it be a better thing for your business to try to find serious, ambitious and coachable people, future leaders of your team?

Network Marketing Tips – Don’t Leave Them Alone.

Getting new members in your team, never leave them alone with the problems, that every new network marketer faces.

Being frustrated, not knowing what to do next, they’ll quickly get discouraged and quit, disappointed with the MLM business in general and you in particular.

If this is one of your friends, you may lose him (or her) forever.

Since there definitely is a lack of proper marketing training in the network marketing industry, don’t leave your prospects without support.

As soon as new people join your team, get in touch with them in person, while they’re still excited.

Start coaching them from the very beginning, help them set up their goals and make up a detailed step-by-step plan of actions to achieve these goals.

That will help them succeed, that, in turn, will help you succeed as well.

When working out this plan with them, you’re going to know them better, learn their preferences and strengths, win their trust and raise their confidence.

Tell them what training is provided by your company: websites, webinars, forums, training phone calls and live events.

In addition, don’t hesitate to invest your own time in them – coaching them in person, sharing all you know about network marketing – this is in your best interest.

Network Marketing Tips – Attending Events.

Being a true mentor for your team members encourage them to attend more network marketing events.

They should hang out with the leaders of the industry, with like-minded people, that will help them form the right business mindset and imbibe new marketing ideas.

They will learn to treat their business like a business, not just like another hobby.

Network Marketing Tips – Let the Internet Give You a Hand.

Since one of the toughest problems network marketers face is a shortage of their warm market, tell your team members about internet marketing, teach them the basics (you can find them HERE) and show them such a powerful tool like MLSP (My Lead System Pro) – a modern marketing and educational platform, that can make their marketing much easier.

Without a proven marketing system your network marketing business won’t survive for long.

If you’re not familiar with this System yet, you can read my review on My Lead System Pro.

Though these network marketing tips are only a part of the existing list, I hope, that they’ll really help you in building a team.



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How an Online MLM System Can Free Your Time.

How an Online MLM System Can Free Your Time.


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online mlm systemI often hear that the MLM business is a scam, and to achieve success in this kind of business is almost impossible.

It’s true, that about 97% of people, who start their career in the MLM business, fail.

But why do they fail, and could using an online mlm system help them to succeed?

Let’s take a closer look.

Unrealistic Expectations.

People fail in the network marketing business for various reasons.

Some time ago I wrote a post, in which I examined one such a reason, that is connected with poor mindset.

Just in a nutshell…

Some people, starting their network marketing career, expect to become rich very quickly, in a couple of months.

The thought, that this is a serious business, not to mention the thought of using some kind of mlm system, doesn’t even occur to them.

Naturally, their dream doesn’t come true, and they quit.

Others, being in, so called, TRY mode, just want to TRY, whether this business works or not, and establish for fulfilling  this task, a pretty narrow time frame.

They also fail and quit.

Unrealistic expectations – this is the main reason for their failure.

But why do those, who are sincerely set for success, also often fail?

Lack of Time.

People usually start their network marketing business on a part time basis.

Soon they realize, that they simply don’t have enough time to attend all these presentations and home meetings, make a lot of “cold” phone calls and so forth…

And they quit.

Shortage of a “Warm Market”.

Some people just don’t have enough acquaintances to present their opportunity to.

It’s hard to build a network marketing business not having a network!

Some had such a network but suddenly found themselves in the NFL (No Friends Left) league.

Because, their upline didn’t teach them how properly approach their “warm market”, not pursuing and bugging them.

Hence, we move to the next reason of failure in the network marketing business

Bad Support from Upline.

Network marketing is a team game, where every person needs help from the more experienced members, preferably, in the form of an mlm system.

Besides, your success in this business depends on the success of your own team members.

Maybe you’re a talented person, but  it’s hard for others to duplicate your talent.

But if you can offer them an mlm system, you all will be all right!

And in today’s world of the internet, it’s natural to suppose, that an online mlm system would be most useful.

Online MLM system.

online mlm systemUsing such a system gives you an enormous advantage over your competitors.

And here’s why.

Implementing modern lead generation techniques, the online mlm system makes the limitation of your “warm market” issue irrelevant.

Because, thanks to the internet, you’re getting exposure in front of millions of people all over the world.

All you need to do is to establish rapport with them, to win their trust, positioning yourself as an expert.

And again, an online mlm system can help you, taking an essential part of routine work on itself.

There are tools on the internet, such as autoresponders, for instance, that allow to automate the process.

A finely tuned online mlm system is able to generate leads, pre-qualify and educate them, brand you as an expert and does this on complete autopilot.

Be sure, that every top producer of our industry uses an online mlm system.

I, personally, believe, that today the best online mlm system on the market is MLSP (My Lead System Pro).

For details, CLICK HERE and read my MLSP review.

Give this system to your team members, and they’ll easily duplicate your results, bringing you a decent check.

I think, that if your goal is to succeed in network marketing business, using an online mlm system is a MUST.



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Think...Why do people fail in the network marketing business?

And do they really fail?

Some people are starting their network marketing or any other entrepreneurial career with a thought in mind, that they will become wealthy in a couple of months maximum.

They heard many success stories and decided to build their own.

When their dreams don’t come true that fast, they Quit.

Some people are starting on, I would say, “Try” mode.

They also heard success stories and want to just “try” to determine whether this business really works.

They establish a certain time frame, usually pretty narrow, and wait for huge success…

Of course, success doesn’t come on such terms.

And they also Quit.

Now, they are convinced, and tell others, that they tried and failed, and this business simply doesn’t work.

People Do Not Fail In Network Marketing!
They Just Quit!

All these people had everything to succeed.

But because of setting unrealistic expectations or having been convinced by others, including their closest ones, that this is not for them – they Quit.

Every network marketer, including me, can confess, that he (or she) felt like quitting many times throughout their career.

This is normal.

Building a business requires PATIENCE and COMMITMENT.

And network marketing is not an exception.


“If You Treat It Like A Business, It Will Pay You Like A Business.
If You Treat It Like A Hobby, It Will Cost You Time And Money”.

There always is a learning curve in acquiring a new business or professional skills, that takes a certain amount of time.

Successful people are like you and me, they just decided: first – to take action, and second – to never quit.

If you do the same, nothing will prevent you from being successful too.

Nobody is born a WINNER, as nobody is born a MEDIOCRE person, not mention a LOSER.

WE turn ourselves into one of them.

You should cultivate the WINNING MINDSET –  a mindset of setting goals and not waiting for them to approach you, but actively approaching them no matter what happens on the way.Do it!

This is a mindset of seeing the finish line in front of you and keeping on going till you cross it.

Failure is never an option!

You know that you are not the first one on this road.

Many have already passed it before you and achieved amazing success.

So can you.

You must just have three “beliefs”:

1. Belief in the network marketing industry.

You should realize, that in today’s unstable, poor economy this industry gives average people the possibility to not only establish their own business but even achieve complete financial freedom.

Network Marketing, like no other industry, allows you to build residual income using the leverage of building a team.

And thanks to the internet this concept works as never before.

2. Belief in the company, you have chosen.

You have to be absolutely confident in your company, its products and compensation plan and be your own best customer.

3. Belief in yourself.

You must be dead sure that you’re able to achieve the success you deserve.

You should be willing to invest time and money in your training and personal development and do it on a daily basis.

As Jim Rohn said: “Personal development is like bathing, it should be done daily”.

You must be ready to overcome doubts, negative thoughts and frustrations, that all entrepreneurs encounter from time to time.

That’s okay.

It’s an inevitable part of the process of getting to new heights.

An important part of the winning mindset is keeping a positive attitude and surrounding yourself with positive people.

Just keep your mind focused on what you need to do to get your ultimate goal – building a strong successful business and through that, achieving Financial Freedom.

And you will become unstoppable.



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Attraction Marketing and the Offline World.

Attraction Marketing and the Offline World.


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ATTRACTION MARKETINGAttraction Marketing as a concept gets more and more popular in the internet marketing world.

But can it be implemented in the offline world too?

And is it worth a try?

Let’s speculate about it.

Before Attraction Marketing…

How did we market before Attraction Marketing?

We started with presenting our “perfect product” or “the best in the world” business opportunity to the people regardless of their need for them.

But were our tries happily welcomed?

Probably not.

Even when we talked to our closest people.

Understanding at a gut level, that we would make money from the deal, they refused even if they needed what we were offering them.

And that is not surprising.

Because people don’t want to BE SOLD.

People don’t like being taken advantage of.

Offline World Attraction Marketing Examples.

Have you noticed, that there are a lot of examples of implementing principles of attraction marketing around us?

Let’s take a look at some real estate agents or financial advisers.

You can see their ads in almost every newspaper.

They offer free seminars. They publish articles and newsletters. They share their knowledge, provide people with the tips and advice and do all these for absolutely FREE.

And when the time comes, who do you think these people will call?


This is Attraction Marketing in action.


This simple formula can be used to sell a lot of different things.

Look at those people who teach others on the TV how to live healthier lives, how to lose weight or how to cure different health problems.

Another good example of using the principles of Attraction Marketing.

They attract a good bunch of people (actually, prospects and customers) providing value, providing solutions, demonstrating that they are knowledgeable about the subject, that they are Experts.

How to Talk to People Using the Principles of Attraction Marketing.

First of all, put your prospect first.

Forget for a minute about what you want.

Think about what they want.

Ask questions.

You’ll find out that all people want relatively the same: more free time, more freedom, more money…

Maybe they even realize, that all these can be reached by running a business, a home based business in particular.

But many people are uncertain in their ability to be successful in building such a business.

They need someone to take their hand and lead them step by step through the whole process.

They have PROBLEMS, and you can offer them a SOLUTION.

Providing a solution means providing a VALUE.

This is the essence of Attraction Marketing – leading with VALUE.

When you’re giving people what they want, you’re giving them value, you’re attracting them and establishing yourself as a trustable leader, as an EXPERT having a SOLUTION.

People don’t join business opportunities, they join other people.

CLICK HERE to get access to the FREE videos, that will show you the whole power of Attraction Marketing.

If you’re new to the network marketing, you, perhaps, don’t know where to start.

From my own experience, the best way to start is to plug into a proved, time-tested attraction marketing system, that will teach you both online and offline cutting edge marketing strategies and will brand you as a knowledgeable person, as a leader.

In my opinion, today MLSP (My Lead System Pro) is the best system of its kind.

If you want to get more details, CLICK HERE and read my review about it.

Give them a trial and decide yourself.

Plug into this system, join the MLSP community and start generating leads all over the marketplace using the principles of Attraction Marketing.



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Confession of a Master.

Confession of a Master.


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I’ve recently received a message from Todd Falcone, a veteran of the network marketing industry, who has been doing this for over 20 years.

He is a worldwide known coach and speaker, who helped thousands of network marketers make their dreams come true.

This message appears to be so important, that I decided to give you the possibility to read it too.

Here it is:


People ask me all the time how I have managed to make money for so long in network marketing.  

A lot of people come and go…so make a splash and then get squashed.  

Some get a taste of success, then something bad happens and they never recover.  

Everyone is different.  

I’ve had my ass handed to me a couple of times in my business, and still came back charging.  

Whooping #1:  I got involved in a company that went into major growth, and had over 4500 reps in my business in a matter of about 15 months.  We were cranking.  The president of the company yelled at every top leader in a locked room because the night before, ONE disrespectful leader was talking during a business overview and could be heard by other prospects.  Instead of handling it one on one, he yelled at everyone.  It crashed the company. Literally, every leader stopped working because of that bad decision.  I left shortly thereafter.  

Whooping #2:  I spent 11 years with a company, only to have the check not show up one month when expected.  They closed their doors and stopped paying reps.   I was without a company and had no check.  I ended up going through nearly $50,000 in savings during the recovery process.  

I never quit.  I never went back and got a job.  I dusted off and kept on moving forward.  

Three Reasons Why I’ve Made Money for Over 20 Years

  1.  I’m always learning.  There’s never been a time that I felt I knew it all because I don’t.  I still read, listen to audios, study my rear off, and attend every live event I can.  
  2. I’m always prospecting new business.  The only way out of any doldrum or slow period is new business.  Remember that, and you’ll have a very long career in this profession. 
  3. I operate with integrity.  If I say something, I do it.  I don’t burn bridges with anyone.  Screwing someone over for the sake of personal gain is never good.  Always think win-win in everything you do, and your career with last a lifetime.  

Surround yourself with successful people.  Success tends to rub off on you. 

Have a good day!

Todd Falcone”


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Some Tips on Choosing Your Best MLM Company

Some Tips on Choosing Your Best MLM Company



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Logo "BEST CHOICE" for Your Best MLM Company

The MLM business is the business of the 21st century.

Unlike the traditional business model, it gives you the possibility of working from the comfort of your home getting huge results in the form of residual income, using the leverage of the efforts of your team members by getting paid a small percentage of their production.

As John D. Rockefeller once said: “I would rather earn 1% off a 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own efforts”.

While building your own business, you’re changing the lives of your team members, helping them achieve maximum results, that leads to your success too.

A smart way to do a business, isn’t it?

But how to choose YOUR best MLM company the right way?

I’m gonna give you some tips, that can be helpful.

First of all, there are 4 things, that you should strictly avoid when choosing your best MLM company:

  • don’t play any money games – we’re not in a pyramid scheme business;
  • don’t buy into promises of everything for nothing – building a network marketing business, definitely, requires work;
  • don’t believe those who promise, that their “best MLM company” will build your business for you;
  • stay away from any promises of cash payments.

Now, I suggest you start choosing your best MLM company by assessing its PRODUCT (or SERVICE).

It should certainly solve any real PROBLEM of your potential customer.

People should already love this product (or service) and want to re-order it.

And of course, to be able to successfully present it to the customers, you should believe in it, love it and, preferably, use it yourself.

Say, I’m a slim guy, so if I try to present any kind of weight loss pills, it will look a bit weird and I will unlikely succeed (unless I pretend I was overweight sometime in the past).

The second important part of your best MLM company is the OWNERS and MANAGEMENT.

These people will pay you, and your check depends on their ability to run the company properly.

You can’t influence decision making, but you can and should check their background.

Try to google them.

Do they have experience of running any network marketing company, or network marketing experience in general?

Was this experience successful or ended in bankruptcy?

Did they have problems with the law in the past?

And so forth…

And third, the COMPENSATION PLAN of your best MLM company.

Does it suit you, or not?

After all, this is your money at stake.

Frankly, I wouldn’t advise you to pick your best MLM company exclusively on its compensation plan, it’s not a decisive factor at all.

Try to use your gut feeling.

But what is definitely important for promoting even “the best MLM company in the world” is having a Marketing System.

A System that will give you a step-by-step plan of action and high-quality marketing training.

A System that will allow you to AUTOMATE the process of marketing as much as possible.

Because, even if you’ve really found the best MLM company, you won’t achieve success without understanding and using modern marketing tools and strategies.

The most complete system of this kind I know is MLSP (MY Lead System Pro).

CLICK HERE for details.

Now, if you’ve chosen your best MLM company and plugged into a marketing system, make a plan and get to work.

Be consistent, don’t expect to get rich in a month, because you won’t.

Be patient, don’t give up and it will pay off.



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Attraction Marketing – a “Lethal Weapon” of the Top Producers.


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Attraction Marketing – How It Started for Me.

Attraction MarketingHaving been introduced to the MLM business for the first time, I was told the same words as, probably, all of us: “Start with your family and friends” and “always be prospecting”.

There’s nothing wrong with these words, but at that moment, I was a newcomer to the Canada and my only acquaintances were people, that introduced me to this business, so my “warm market” was ZERO.

Not to mention, that a perspective of chasing complete strangers was simply appalling.

My business has come to an end, not even having started.

But later, surfing the Internet, I came across two e-books that introduced me to the concept of Attraction Marketing and changed everything for me. (CLICK HERE to learn more).

How Does the Concept of Attraction Marketing Work?

When YOU chase prospects trying to cram information about your opportunity or product down their throat, the whole campaign is doomed to failure from the very beginning.

Because you’re perceived as just an another annoying sales person they’re already sick of.

But if SOMEONE were chasing you, that would mean you are viewed as the knowledgeable expert, valuable solution provider.

Here the concept of Attraction Marketing comes into play.

You know, people, actually, don’t care about your business opportunity or your product.

The only thing people do care about is finding the solution to their problems.

And if looking for this SOLUTION, they find YOU, as a provider of this SOLUTION, they will be instantly interested in what else you have to offer.

Attraction Marketing begins by putting the other person first and always leading with value.

Try to determine what problems your prospects are struggling with, and teach them how to resolve these problems.

For instance, there are a lot of people out there who want to know, if they could be successful in building a business, as a SOLUTION to their financial PROBLEMS.

They’re desperately in need of someone to show them how to do that.

They need someone to follow.

Become that person!

People don’t join business opportunities, they join other people.

CLICK HERE to get FREE videos explaining how Attraction Marketing can help you become hunted by your prospects instead of being a hunter.

Educational Marketing as a form of Attraction Marketing.

Education is the best way to implement principles of Attraction Marketing.

Instead of marketing products or business opportunities market information.

Teach your prospects regardless of whether they’ve already shown their interest in your offer or not.

The more they understand how things work, the more they’re aware of what and how you’re doing, the more they realise their need for your further guidance.

The more educated, more close to your attitude of mind, they become, the more strong possible future business partners you are acquiring.

The fact is that people usually join a particular company following the person who introduced it to them, if he (or she) was seen as a knowledgeable person, as a Leader.

Don’t Neglect Implementing Principles of Attraction Marketing.

The advantage of implementing principles of Attraction Marketing is often underrating, that’s why it works that well.

On the other hand, failing to give people a reason (by handing out valuable information) to follow you, you doom yourself to invisibility to your prospects among other reps of your company, who, by the way, are your competitors too.

Not to mention the swarm of network marketers of the other companies, fighting for the same prospect’s attention (and implementing the Attraction Marketing concept).

Remember, leading with your opportunity or product is an obsolete selling technique, that’s not giving big results.

On the contrary, Attraction Marketing is a modern marketing school approach, that is used by all of the TOP PRODUCERS of the industry.

Attraction Marketing is really a “Lethal Weapon” of the Top Producers.



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Want to See Your Business Skyrocket Through the Roof Starting Today?
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(Unless You Already Have Too Many Leads).


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