MLM Recruiting – the 3 Most Common Mistakes


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MLM recruiting - Uncle Sam wants youThere are definitely a lot of things, that you have to learn to become a master at MLM recruiting, but frankly, it’s not that difficult to make a successful start.

However, many people fail exactly at the beginning.

So, why does this happen?

I guess, that there are 3 common mistakes that are most responsible for their failure at MLM recruiting.

1. People often join a particular MLM company at the peak of their emotions and later start trying to justify their decision

They go online to find out if they’ve chosen the right business and the right company.

They start asking  their friends these questions, instead of inviting them to receive important information.

They’re in doubt, and spend their time not on MLM recruiting, but on conveying their uncertainty to their prospects.

Ask yourself: would you sign under someone, who is not sure about their business?

Do you want to have a leader, who is not confident?

Probably, not.

2. At the beginning of their MLM recruiting career, most people say too much

MLM recruiting tip - don't talk too muchThe excuse I most often hear, when someone decides, that this business is not for him (or her), is: “I’m not a sales person”.

But the matter of the fact is, that not every sales person is that good at MLM recruiting at all.

Because many of them are trained to close the deal right on the spot, at any cost.

This is not the best way to recruit people into the business.

Because you don’t need team members, that are not sure, if they like what they’re doing, or if they want to have a business at all.

People have to make conscious, responsible decisions, then they’re able to succeed, at MLM recruiting as well.

Moreover, the success of a super closing sales person is not duplicatable.

So, their team won’t grow.

In the beginning, you should be more of an inviter, than of a presenter.

Then your prospects will see, that they can also be successful at MLM recruiting.

If you’re new and talking to someone about your opportunity more than 5 minutes, you’re, probably, talking too much!

Remember, that your goal is not to close them on the spot, but give them the opportunity to receive complete information about your offer, to be able to make a responsible decision of their own.

3. Starting their MLM recruiting career, many of the newbies are trying to get as few rejections as possible

They forget, or don’t know yet, that network marketing is a numbers game – it’s not that important how many people you’ll sign up today, but it’s really important how many people you’ll talk about your opportunity to.

The latter actually leads to more numbers in MLM recruiting.

Because there are people out there interested in what you have, but you won’t meet them unless you talk to many, who are not interested at all, before them.

This is a reality, like it or not.

While you’re not a master at MLM recruiting, don’t waste your time trying to pre-qualify people.

Just believe, that there a lot of those, who would love to here about an opportunity like yours, this is their cup of tea.

You just have to come across them, and this is a matter of time.

So, focus on the number of people you invited to hear about your opportunity rather than the number of sign-ups.

And don’t take rejections personally,they have nothing to do with your personality, it’s just a business, not more.

MLM recruiting is not rocket science, avoid these 3 mistakes and you’ll have a good start!



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