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I’ve recently received a message from Todd Falcone, a veteran of the network marketing industry, who has been doing this for over 20 years.

He is a worldwide known coach and speaker, who helped thousands of network marketers make their dreams come true.

This message appears to be so important, that I decided to give you the possibility to read it too.

Here it is:


People ask me all the time how I have managed to make money for so long in network marketing.  

A lot of people come and go…so make a splash and then get squashed.  

Some get a taste of success, then something bad happens and they never recover.  

Everyone is different.  

I’ve had my ass handed to me a couple of times in my business, and still came back charging.  

Whooping #1:  I got involved in a company that went into major growth, and had over 4500 reps in my business in a matter of about 15 months.  We were cranking.  The president of the company yelled at every top leader in a locked room because the night before, ONE disrespectful leader was talking during a business overview and could be heard by other prospects.  Instead of handling it one on one, he yelled at everyone.  It crashed the company. Literally, every leader stopped working because of that bad decision.  I left shortly thereafter.  

Whooping #2:  I spent 11 years with a company, only to have the check not show up one month when expected.  They closed their doors and stopped paying reps.   I was without a company and had no check.  I ended up going through nearly $50,000 in savings during the recovery process.  

I never quit.  I never went back and got a job.  I dusted off and kept on moving forward.  

Three Reasons Why I’ve Made Money for Over 20 Years

  1.  I’m always learning.  There’s never been a time that I felt I knew it all because I don’t.  I still read, listen to audios, study my rear off, and attend every live event I can.  
  2. I’m always prospecting new business.  The only way out of any doldrum or slow period is new business.  Remember that, and you’ll have a very long career in this profession. 
  3. I operate with integrity.  If I say something, I do it.  I don’t burn bridges with anyone.  Screwing someone over for the sake of personal gain is never good.  Always think win-win in everything you do, and your career with last a lifetime.  

Surround yourself with successful people.  Success tends to rub off on you. 

Have a good day!

Todd Falcone”


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