Do You Have Your Own Marketing Website Yet?


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Your Own Marketing Website

Your Own Website

As an internet network marketer, you probably realize, that in order to be competitive today you should have your own marketing website or blog, that will bring in a steady flow of potential customers and business partners for you to work with.

Because these people – your prospects – are the blood of your network marketing business, and without them your business is doomed.

And the ultimate goal of your website, the objective of its creation,  is to help you with that.

So, what are the basics for creating a website, that will be attracting a lot of prospects?

Catch Your Readers Attention

Remember, that you only have one chance to make a first impression  and within seconds your readers are going to decide whether to hit the “back” button or to keep reading.

That’s why you should remember, that they landed on a particular page of your site not just for fun, but in search for certain information.

And if you want them to stay on your site and maybe even browse other pages of it, the content on this particular page should meet their expectations.

They should immediately realize, that their search is over – they’ve found what they’d been looking for.

Therefore, when writing every piece of content, you should keep your prospects in mind, you should know what their problems are, how you can help them, and each piece of content should be devoted to a particular problem.

How Does Your Site Look Like?

You want your site to attract people but not repel them, so you should definitely pay attention to its design.

That doesn’t mean, that your site should look fancy with a lot of animations (on the contrary, that would make it slow and boring), but it should certainly look clean, neat and uncluttered with too many banners.

Use snappy headlines to catch your readers’ attention.

Your content should be easy to read, so don’t write long paragraphs, at the end of which people forget what was in the beginning.

Every paragraph should contain a complete thought. Use subheadings.

To make your site appealing to the eye don’t hesitate to use pictures corresponding to the content.

But don’t forget, that your readers are here not just to have fun but in search of information, so provide them with what they are looking for.

Content is a king, isn’t it?

Whether You Can Use Your Company’s Website

Sure you can and should.

But as an additional tool in promotional purposes.

Because in network marketing your main goal is to win your prospects’ trust, build relationships with them and establish credibility.

No replicated website can do this because they are all the same.

On the other hand, your own effective, good looking website will surely help you achieve your goal.

Just make sure it reflects your personality, promotes you as a leader, as an expert and a valuable solution provider.

Quality of Your Website

The quality of your website is very important, because not knowing you in person, your readers are going to evaluate you by evaluating your website.

Poorly written content with a lot of errors won’t add you credibility.

That doesn’t mean, that it should be perfect, but don’t be lazy – check spelling and grammar before hitting the “Publish” button.

The quality of the site also affects your ranking on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

I know that there a lot of network marketers still struggling to make their business bring income or not even knowing where to start.

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