Three Way Calling – Avoid This Stupid Mistake


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Three Way Calling

Everybody’s heard about three way calls.

But what do you need them for?

How to do them the right way and avoid deadly mistakes?

In the following two posts, I’ll try to answer these questions and more.

First of all, three way calling is a very powerful and useful tool in your prospecting arsenal, that is used for third party validation and support from your upline or team leader.

The sooner you master this tool, the better for your chances to win the game of prospecting.

Also, using this tool offers you a great opportunity to learn the art of prospecting from your leadership.

If you don’t have this service yet, call your phone service provider right away, because this is a must for successful prospecting, especially if you’re brand new.

I want to start from the technical side of making a three way call because here there is a very dangerous and stupid mistake waiting for you.

Okay, if you have this service – three way calling, it works like this:

You’re on the phone with your prospect and want to connect your upline to the conversation.

You press the “Flash” button on your phone (if your phone doesn’t have the “Flash” button, press the “Talk” or “On” button whichever it has).

You will then hear the dial tone.

Now, dial the phone number of your upline, and, when she (or he) answers, press the same button again.

This will bring both of you, you and your upline, to the waiting prospect.

You’re now on a three way call.

If you want to disconnect your upline from the conversation, simply press the “Flash” or “Talk” button once more.

Here is a stupid mistake you desperately want to avoid.

Suppose, you have your prospect on the line.

You’ve pressed the “Flash” button and dialed your upline’s number.

She (or he) is not in, so you’re leaving a message on their answering machine and flash back to your prospect.

Then you continue your conversation, maybe about your upline, and suddenly hear the “beep”, that means that “your recording is complete”.

Three Way Calling MistakeYou’ve just left your sponsor a message with you talking to your prospect.

Not a good impression!

I hope you didn’t say something you would regret!

So, what’s just happened?

After dialing the third party, your FIRST FLASHBACK brings this third party to the conversation and only SECOND FLASHBACK disconnects the third party from it.

Being busy with leaving a message to your upline you’ve just forgotten to press the “Flash” button TWICE.

Never ever make this deadly mistake!

To avoid it, you may want to press the “Flash” button IMMEDIATELY after dialing the third party’s number, and say to your prospect “I’m back”.

Then, if you get their answering machine, leave a message and press the “Flash” button ONE MORE TIME.

This with disconnect you from the third party’s line.

You may even want to press the “Flash” button once more, if you hear the dialing tone, you now can be absolutely sure that you’re safe.

That’s it for today.

I hope I’ve just saved your life! 🙂

Or your image, at any rate!

In the next post, I will tell you how to use a three way call to your success.


To Your Financial Independence!



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