4 Real Life Tips to Expand Your Network Marketing Business


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Expand Your Network Marketing Business

You can find a lot of methods on the net, that are  promised to help you to expand your network marketing business.

The problem is that not all of them work in real life.

I want to give you some proven tips, that will truly help you to achieve desirable results if you take them seriously.

Tip #1: Don’t Prejudge – Restrain Your Enthusiasm

Most people, having gotten involved in the network marketing business the first time, make the same mistake – they mentally create two lists: one of those who will, in their opinion, surely share their enthusiasm and join them in this venture, and another of those who, also in their opinion, stand no chance to succeed in it.

As I’ve said, this is a big mistake.

All successful network marketers tell, that most often the reality is just opposite.


Nobody knows.

So, just don’t prejudge.

Tip #2: Don’t Set Up Unrealistic Expectations

Because setting up unrealistic expectations leads to the feel of frustration.

Don’t get addicted to outcomes.

Don’t try to convert every conversation into a sign-up.

Network marketing is just a numbers game.

Concentrate on presenting of your business to more people.

Don’t try to convince wrong people to join you – they won’t help you to grow your business.

Tip #3: Make Things Simple

Don’t transform initial conversation with your prospects into a full-time performance about the network marketing industry in general and your company in particular.

If you’re talking more than 4-5 minutes, you’re probably talking too much.

And don’t ever start with phrases like these:

  • This is a ground floor opportunity
  • They have a terrific compensation plan
  • We’ll make a fortune very fast
  • This business is right for you

Your prospects think, that anything you do, they will also have to do.

Don’t scare them.

They should feel right from the beginning, that they are able to do the same, and without being perceived as just an another annoying salesperson.

As a brand new marketer, you should rather be an inviter than a presenter.

Invite your prospects to a presentation or show them an introduction video.

“I don’t know if it’s right for you, but I’ve been recently introduced to a very interesting and promising business…” wouldn’t be a bad thing to start the conversation with.

Tip #4: Don’t Try to Be a Superstar

Yes, if you’re an excellent salesperson, you can achieve great results in recruiting, but not necessarily in building a business.

Because in network marketing, everything is about duplication.

A superstar is hardly to be duplicated.

Building the network marketing business is not about being a superstar, but on the contrary, it is about following a proven system, that anyone could follow.

Remember, duplication, duplication and duplication – this is the key to the successful growth of the network marketing business.



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