How to Improve Productivity in 17 Simple Steps. Episode 2.


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Necessity to Improve Productivity.Have you ever thought, what really slows or even stops you on your way to success?

What are these silent killers of your productivity, that corrode your business from within?

Yes, you knew that: these beasts are distraction and procrastination.

In the previous post, I shared  with you my first 9 tips on how to beat them, how to improve productivity.

Here are the rest.

.     10. If you don’t want to get stuck on your way to success, you should definitely keep on working on your education, study marketing, learn new techniques etc.

But learning is also NOT a Money Making Activity, and to improve productivity, you should provide a specific block of time for it, at least an hour per day, especially if you’re brand new, but after your Money Making Activities are finished.

.     11. This one is especially important for newbies: don’t try to master more than one or two marketing techniques at a time otherwise you’ll end confused and frustrated.

The next three tips have nothing to do with your business activities, but will definitely help you to improve productivity.

.      12. Don’t forget about exercise – if you feel weak, if you don’t have energy, it will be very hard to make yourself work at all, not to mention efficiency.

.      13. The importance of nutrition also shouldn’t be underrated – this is your energy and health.

Try to eat at the same time every day, make it a routine, and try to avoid eating junk food.

.      14. To improve productivity, set up a strict sleeping schedule.

Get up and go to bed also at the same time every day, make it a routine as well.

.      15. Set up an end to your working day.

Shut down everything, including your working mind.

Don’t even answer emails.

.      16. Always provide time for your personal life, for your family and friends.

Work for living, but don’t live for working!

.      17. When trying to improve productivity, try to  stick to your schedule, once it’s set up.

This is where most of us fail!

If you’re struggling with sticking to your schedule, do a “Productivity Journal”.

Track your results at the end of each day.

Then check your results at the end of the week, and ask yourself one simple question: “Would you like to keep working with yourself, or should you fire yourself?”

The answer is in front of you.

But don’t give up!

Commit and stay focused.

To improve productivity, don’t just read the tips, I’ve given you, but put them into action.

Make them a habit and take full control over your working time.

Stick to them over the next 5-6 months, and your business will dramatically change!

You can work hard and still have a life because most people don’t have a time problem, they have a time-wasting problem.

The more work you’ll get done during your working hours,  the less time you’ll have to steal from your personal life for finishing the things, that had to be done anyway.

I have to confess, that, trying to improve productivity, I do not always succeed in implementing these strategies, but I’m doing my best.

I keep practicing because I want to be able to accomplish in 2-3 hours what is taking me a whole day now.

And what about you?

You may say: “No, it’s not for me, I don’t want to torture myself, I want to have a more flexible, free life”.

Okay, it’s absolutely fine, but the matter of the fact is, that, if you won’t be able to improve productivity, you won’t end most of your undertakings and won’t achieve most of your goals. PERIOD.

Now, it’s your move…!



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