Why the Network Marketing Business?


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The sign: "Truth" about the network marketing business.I often hear from those “MLM is a scam” skeptics, that if to be engaged in a business, it should be some kind of traditional business, but in no case should it be a network marketing business.

I thought about it and now want to share some of my thoughts with you.

The network marketing business is the business of the future.

First of all, the network marketing business is surely not a pyramid scheme.

Because a pyramid scheme, or to be more precise a financial pyramid, doesn’t offer any product or service in exchange for money.

Naturally, those, who are on the top, make good money until everything collapses.

On the contrary, the network marketing business is a real business offering real products and services, but unlike businesses of aRobert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump recommend the network marketing business traditional kind, this business is able to pay its distributors better reward for their job by eliminating the advertising costs.

Today more and more companies realize the power of this kind of marketing and move to it.

Plus, since this is a relationship business, every ordinary person now has a chance to run a business of her (or his) own.

No wonder, that people like Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump call the network marketing business the business of the future.

The network marketing business has low start-up costs.

It is just ridiculous to compare the cost of joining a network marketing company with the cost of starting and running a business of a traditional kind.

Even if your company asks for a small additional monthly fee (not all companies do this).

The network marketing business is a home based business, so you don’t need an office, expensive equipment and numerous staff.

To start it you just need a desk, a phone and a computer (and a big desire to change your life, of course).

You don’t have to take a loan or sell your house.

It’s an essential advantage, isn’t it?

Also, it’s relatively simple to run the network marketing business.

Unlike a business of a traditional kind, for running a network marketing business you don’t need any office staff.

Just hire an accountant once or twice a year and maybe a secretary or an assistant for doing some paperwork, related to your personal business expenses, in case you’ve reached a considerably high level.

All the paperwork related to providing products or services to the customers is being run by your company.

Being engaged in the network marketing business, you’re getting an income leverage.

Unlike a traditional business, where you’re getting just money, that you’ve personally earned, in the network marketing business you’re also receiving commissions on the sales made by the members of your team.

Thus, you’re leveraging their time and efforts.

As John D. Rockefeller once said: “I would rather earn 1% off a 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own efforts”.

I would call it a smart way to do a business.

Your potential income in the network marketing business has no limit.

When your income depends on your own efforts, you are limited in time, at least.

Because, unfortunately, a day only has 24 hours.

When you’re using a leverage of other’s efforts, you have no limitation in earning money.

Moreover, you’re receiving money regardless of what you’re personally doing at the moment, working or having fun with friends.

And last but not least, being involved in the network marketing business, you’re surrounded by like-minded people.

People, who, like you, decided to take their fate into their own hands and started their journey to financial independence.


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