How to Write a Compelling Copy


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Image for Writing a Compelling CopyIs your copy truly compelling?

Is your writing appealing and effective?

Can you push people to take steps, without thinking twice?

Some people can.

They always understand precisely what to say, and ways to say it.

But most of us need to practice and strive, to figure things out.

We must imbibe one hard-learned lesson at a time.

And it typically takes a couple of shots.

That’s fine, though since we’re getting better with each of them, taking every chance to “polish” our line.

The initial step in effective marketing is to draw attention with an enticing headline.

Keep in mind, that this is the first exposure to you and your work for a new person, that might (and should) ultimately (if every little thing works out) become your lifetime customer.

How exactly to grab your reader’s attention is absolutely up to you.

Maybe you will use your sense of humor.

Maybe you can offer some unexpected idea or point of view on a well-known subject.

Maybe you have something to teach them.

Now What?Whatever it is, it should immediately catch their attention and get them excited enough to keep reading.

But enticing headlines are just the beginning.

Once your goal of the initial attraction is achieved, you should enter genuine desire into the picture.

But how to create that desire?

There are some things that make something desirable: it has to be interesting, it has to be achievable, and it has to be worth the trouble of getting it.

Interesting means, that it should ease a “pain” that the person suffering from, or develop some sort of pleasure that they wish but don’t presently have.

Achievable means, that if they decide to act, this action should be within their capabilities.

Worth the trouble of getting it means, that all the efforts required to take this action should be significantly less than the value of the result.

Or in a nutshell, it should be something that they really want and can get at an acceptable cost (in money, time, effort, etc.).

Hence, whether you’re offering products or services, your offer should be organized in such a way so as to be both interesting and attainable to your target customer.

Okay, so far so good, however, you are not done yet!

This is the call to action that will make the whole picture complete.

If you want somebody to do something, you should tell them precisely what to do, and how to do it.

If you’re offering something that they really want, on terms they find acceptable, and ask them to make their move,chances are that they will do exactly what you ask.

And the final touch…

Many people can get someone to take an action.

Now it’s very important to make sure that your customers don’t experience buyer’s regret, taking into consideration all the process you’ve taken them through.

But if you’ve done everything right, your new customer will be so delighted about their interaction with you, that they will be looking forward to the next one.



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